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28/4/2017 – AOA Event Whitman Park Woodland Reserve

This involved a night walk through the park, a good opportunity to photograph native animals in the dark.  Above is a sugar glider.

The brush-tailed bettong, also known as the woylie, an extremely rare small marsupial that belongs to the genus Bettongia. It is endemic to Australia.  Because much of its habitat has been destroyed, they are quite difficult to see these days.

The southern brown bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus) is a short nosed bandicoot, a type of marsupial found mostly in southern Australia. It is also known as the quenda in South Western Australia.

 Another woylie looking for food.

A grey kangaroo getting into the picture.

The sugar gliders do not want to miss out.

Some of our members after the night walk.  Obviously, food was put down to feed the animals, and they are kept within vermin proof fences so that they are safe, so it isn’t quite the bush, but at least they are protected and many are breeding.

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