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24/12/2017 – Beautiful Nornalup, near Walpole

I am going to great lengths here to try and show exactly where I was at Christmas.

Follow the red dot and you can see that I am west of Albany, so south western Australia.  To the left, west of Busselton and Margaret River is the Cape to Cape Trail (from point to point) that I walked in November.  (See previous blogs).

Here we have Nornalup, at the Red Dot, showing Denmark, Albany and Kalgan River (where I will spend 8 days after Christmas). Note all of the National Parks around the area, an amazing area of Australia, tall trees, peaceful rivers to paddle, peaks to climb, surf to swim in.

And here we are on the Frankland River at Nornalup.  I am going to spend Christmas with David and his family, who have kindly allowed me to join their family celebrations as most of my friends seem to be out of Perth at the moment.

We arrived on 24th and David took me for a short ride upriver for a quick look around before it got dark.

I am happy to see the usual collection of gnarly trees that always make a great photograph.

The river has many fallen logs in it and it is also quite shallow, so we cannot go very far.

But lovely colours and as usual, very photographic scenery.

We stopped for a short while to enjoy the tranquility.

Little boat sheds on the river.  What a lovely way to relax, I am a bit nervous about tomorrow. About 32 people are going to be there and I have only met two of them!!

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1/1/2017 – A Walk in Boranup Karri Forest

Another day, another year, off we set for a walk in the impressive Boranup Forest.

Towering karri trees, some over 60m in height, undulate across the valley.

Iconic Banksia plants show off their flowers.

Connie sits down to rest her weary feet, but this isn’t a strenuous walk (she’s still smiling), track all the way.

And look at the height of these trees.

Someone spotted this lump of horizontal wood that must have crashed down onto the other trees.

Lunchtime at last, everyone wanted a comfy spot, so we had to sit in a line!!!

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