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2/4/2017 – Early Morning

They told me that early morning was a good time for paddling, so with a great deal of effort I thought I would give it a try.

Guess what?  They were right.  Beautiful mornings in Perth.

Calm river, very little wind.  I met some lovely girls from the SUP Tonic Meet Up group, we paddled the river on a few different days.

A really calm morning on the Swan River.  Look out for the waves that the boats make as they go past.

Paddling early in the morning.

A bit later in the day. Good stuff.

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1/3/2017 – Action Outdoors Association Weekly Walk

Having decided that I have to get really fit for my November Cape to Cape walk, I thought I would try to attend AOA’s weekly walks of about 10kms. 

While on the walk, the clouds built up and presented a perfect photo opportunity, along with the newly blonde hair (that won’t last long).

Here are the clouds coming, later in the evening amazing lightning bolts threw down to earth, but of course I was well out of the way by then.  That’s all.

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11/3/2017 – Another Fun Event with Action Outdoors Association

Event advertised – What better way to enjoy a Perth summer day than playing on the beautiful Swan River?

Firstly we were given a few tips on how to sail, but all very low key and “you’ll be right”.  Here we are sailing towards the city of Perth from South Perth.

Yes, I am enjoying myself, it is good to be out on the river again.

Another view of the city from the catamaran.

A fun, relaxing morning.

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15/02/2016 – A Beautiful Day to look around the new Elizabeth Quay

Perth’s newest asset, the Elizabeth Quay inlet incised into a 2.7 hectare part of the Swan River foreshore, has emerged right on the city’s doorstep.


Perth’s newest boating destination, Elizabeth Quay, opened this month. It was a project that took three-years and $440 million dollars to complete. It has also changed the face of the Perth foreshore forever and, for the first time, provided boaties with a facility that enables them to visit the city via the beautiful Swan River.


The Elizabeth Quay Pedestrian Bridge, a hot topic of conversation around Perth.  This place is great for small boats, you can motor in and moor (3 hour limit), each pen is serviced with water and power, a leisurely way to visit Perth from over the river.


BHP Billiton Water Park is home to an interactive water feature that uses lighting and choreographed water jets to create an engaging, fun and family friendly community space.  I had no idea of the water park until I was actually there.  At first, jets of water spurted out of the ground, but as I was walking across the area the jets turned off and water mist appeared.


Then more mist, and more mist.  The kids loved it.  And me also.


After a while, back came the water spurts starting small and then growing, much to the children’s delight.   Then a week or two later…..

OOPS….Elizabeth Quay’s water park will remain closed for “weeks” while authorities investigate the source of a re-occuring health problem.  The Health Department recommended the BHP Billiton water park be closed on Monday after tests found pseudomonas-type bacteria, which can cause skin rashes or ear and eye infections, in the water spray and amoebae in the waste discharge pipes.  And it is still closed.Sculpture

This lovely sculpture is of Bessie Rischbieth [1874 – 1967], a feminist and activist for women’s rights and environmental conservation.   She actively protested against development on the Swan River and tried  to stop the Narrows Bridge being built. It is certainly ironic that a statue built in her honour is at Elizabeth Quay, Perth’s largest waterfront development.


At nearly 90 years old, the conservationist attempted to block bulldozers from entering the river by standing in their path barefoot while holding an umbrella.

A news clipping from The Canberra Times, 30 April, 1964 edition.

This is the photo artist Jon Tarry based his Elizabeth Quay bronze statue creation on.

The State Government comments “”Her passion for the Swan is fitting with the Elizabeth Quay project, which reconnects the city with the waterfront, encouraging the people of Perth to enjoy the river’s natural beauty.”

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