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18/02/2018 – A quiet Sunday afternoon!

Taken from Action Outdoors Association activities for 18/2/18  “We will start with two 20 meter abseils, followed by two 40 meter and then two 60 meter abseil with instructor Sven Borg.”

Just the view of the quarry as we drove in was enough to take my breath away?

Then Sven took us to where the first descent was to take place – just behind that tree branch hiding the person.

We listened to all of the instructions (hoping that we would remember them) and the first person went down.

Soon it was my turn and I managed to not disgrace myself, not scared of falling, but if you tip sideways you crash against the rock wall, that didn’t sound nice.

On to the 40 metre drop, we even got a carpet to help us get over the edge?

Here we are a bit further over the edge, but what he didn’t tell us was that the cliff sort of disappears and you are left….

….  kinda hanging and trying to reach the rock, apparently you are supposed to relax and just go down with the rope at this stage.  I was still trying to walk down the rock.

A bit further down, no chance of reaching that rock, I finally let myself just propel down on the rope.

View of the 60 metre drop with me at the top, by this stage the harness was really biting into my body just under the ribs, it was hot, dusty and there were bull ants climbing up my legs, so not that happy.

Last descent as I decided I had had enough at the bottom of the first 60m drop, once was enough, I thought my ribs were going to pop out they were so sore. I waited while some others had their second go.  A good experience, glad I did it, but don’t care to repeat that one thanks.

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2/4/2017 – Early Morning

They told me that early morning was a good time for paddling, so with a great deal of effort I thought I would give it a try.

Guess what?  They were right.  Beautiful mornings in Perth.

Calm river, very little wind.  I met some lovely girls from the SUP Tonic Meet Up group, we paddled the river on a few different days.

A really calm morning on the Swan River.  Look out for the waves that the boats make as they go past.

Paddling early in the morning.

A bit later in the day. Good stuff.

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1/3/2017 – Action Outdoors Association Weekly Walk

Having decided that I have to get really fit for my November Cape to Cape walk, I thought I would try to attend AOA’s weekly walks of about 10kms. 

While on the walk, the clouds built up and presented a perfect photo opportunity, along with the newly blonde hair (that won’t last long).

Here are the clouds coming, later in the evening amazing lightning bolts threw down to earth, but of course I was well out of the way by then.  That’s all.

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11/3/2017 – Another Fun Event with Action Outdoors Association

Event advertised – What better way to enjoy a Perth summer day than playing on the beautiful Swan River?

Firstly we were given a few tips on how to sail, but all very low key and “you’ll be right”.  Here we are sailing towards the city of Perth from South Perth.

Yes, I am enjoying myself, it is good to be out on the river again.

Another view of the city from the catamaran.

A fun, relaxing morning.

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