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31/3/2017 – With Lizzie Martin

The historic streets of Fremantle burst to life as performers transform the city into a world stage every Easter.  A great opportunity for me to test out my iphone 6 camera.

I didn’t get this performer’s name, but he was an amazing artist.

Quatuor Stomp – acrobatics, juggling, fire or a crazy act of daring.   This one of a kind performance is a game of chance where the roll of a dice determines which acts will be part of the show.

Impressed at how well the camera captured this action shot.

Just had to get a photo of this wonderful van, just what Linda needs!  Everything on tap.

Another performer strutting his stuff.

Fraser Hooper from New Zealand.   This guy was so funny, he never spoke a word, yet got people from the audience to join him and do wacky things for him. This little girl pretends to be a fish, goes in the pond, and swims around in it.

Here he is trying to catch her, it was hilarious, there is even a duck close by.  It was his expressions and exasperation at the audience that was so funny.

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14/06/2015 – Cycle trip with Action Outdoors Association

Seen in AOA Trips Calender:- Cycle Cottesloe to South Coogee taking scenic route along the river and into Fremantle. Cycle part of Victoria Quay and around the Maritime Museum, Ovens submarine and out South Mole. Continue past Bathers Beach and in front of the restaurants and out to Fisherman’s harbour. Down to the new Surfing Lizard for coffee.Returning to Cottesloe along the beach front.


Here we are in Fremantle, taking a short break and admiring the sculptures of fishermen.


This is my favourite, there is even a crayfish in the pot!


Here’s another one.   The sculptures really add something to the area.


I stopped by myself on the way back, just near Cottesloe, just had to have another look at those paddle boarders. I want to get my paddle board down to the surf in the near future, this looks like great fun.  And can you see the yacht race going on just up in the top left hand side of the photo.


Here they go – making it look easy (it’s not!).

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10/5/2015 – Trying my luck at some fishing


So we left East Fremantle early, apparently that’s the way to catch the fish!


I love this view of Fremantle with all of the container cranes waiting for more work.


Displaying more patience than me are the cormorants, plus a single container vessel in the background.


You can see that we have been trying, and it is a beautiful day, but where are the fish?


Still smiling and hoping for the best, but?????


At least we get to have a good look at a cruise ship on the way in through the harbour, a majestic sight.


And a massive bulk carrier, which totally dwarfs our boat. I never tire of looking at these amazing vessels.  But…. no fish.

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