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31/3/2017 – With Lizzie Martin

The historic streets of Fremantle burst to life as performers transform the city into a world stage every Easter.  A great opportunity for me to test out my iphone 6 camera.

I didn’t get this performer’s name, but he was an amazing artist.

Quatuor Stomp – acrobatics, juggling, fire or a crazy act of daring.   This one of a kind performance is a game of chance where the roll of a dice determines which acts will be part of the show.

Impressed at how well the camera captured this action shot.

Just had to get a photo of this wonderful van, just what Linda needs!  Everything on tap.

Another performer strutting his stuff.

Fraser Hooper from New Zealand.   This guy was so funny, he never spoke a word, yet got people from the audience to join him and do wacky things for him. This little girl pretends to be a fish, goes in the pond, and swims around in it.

Here he is trying to catch her, it was hilarious, there is even a duck close by.  It was his expressions and exasperation at the audience that was so funny.

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