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1/1/2017 – A Walk in Boranup Karri Forest

Another day, another year, off we set for a walk in the impressive Boranup Forest.

Towering karri trees, some over 60m in height, undulate across the valley.

Iconic Banksia plants show off their flowers.

Connie sits down to rest her weary feet, but this isn’t a strenuous walk (she’s still smiling), track all the way.

And look at the height of these trees.

Someone spotted this lump of horizontal wood that must have crashed down onto the other trees.

Lunchtime at last, everyone wanted a comfy spot, so we had to sit in a line!!!

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4/12/2016 – More Fun with Chris and Bruce

Having seen this beautiful area once before, (going home from Dwellingup) I thought it would be a great place to take Chris and Bruce for a bush walk near the city.

There were some pretty wildflowers out (as above) that I haven’t been able to find the names of.  I am very frustrated, and I have a book of Australian Wildflowers but they don’t seem to be in it!

Early on, Chris and Bruce notice this shy lizard that was hiding by the side of the path. Any excuse for having a practice with the camera. The next two photos are Chris’s.

Beautiful close up.

Showing us what he had for breakfast!

Moving on, some lovely purple flowers I can’t find the name of.  Sister, Chris tells me these are Mulla Mulla!  The picture in the book is less rounded, but they do look similar.

And this is my close up that I am very happy with.


This is the Grape Grevillea (Grevillea bipinnatifida).

Chris and I wanted some photos of us together, “Just walk naturally” she is telling me as we both start clowning around.

Here we are in a less guarded moment, hats and sunnies on, enjoying the Australian bush.

We finally get to the top where there is a great view of the river and dam.  See the gorgeous orange tree to the left.  These are definitely bee attracting trees.

And I got a close up of the bright, attractive plus a couple of bees.

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24-28/3/2016 – Easter Camp at Collie

Another great AOA camp to attend. The town is surrounded by a natural Jarrah forest with bushwalking tracks, shady river side picnic spots and scenic lakes. The perfect place to wind down and get close to nature.


My first day involves a bush walk through the forest to the Harris Dam campsite, this is part of the Bibbulmun Track.


Run off from the Harris Dam makes a lovely scene, coloured rocks and water birds.


Well it is Easter and someone has put this cheeky fellow, and Easter bunnies along the track.


A quick stop for breath and to adjust Ros’s glasses!


We reached to Harris Dam campsite in good time for lunch.  This is a hut used by walkers along the Bibbulmun Track.


And here are the sleeping quarters, a bit rough, but after a long day’s walk I bet it feels wonderful. We are not staying, but just having a quick lay down before returning to Collie.

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30/11/2015 – Perth Hills Discovery Centre Campsite

Seen on the AOA Website – Opportunity to join a small like minded group, camp under the stars, bushwalk and enjoy a campfire within 40k of home! Anticipate getting to Perth Hills Discovery Centre campsite, Mundaring, in time to have tents up before dark on the Friday night. The campsites are small and we have reserved them all.


A wonderful quiet campsite with only 12 tent sites, as the Bibbulmun Track goes through this area, the campsite is used mostly for walkers.  My faithful cycling tent is in the centre of the picture, used back in the days of my cycle touring in Europe and Africa. (1980s)  It is still in one piece and doing well.


First days activity was on the Camel Farm Mountain Bike Track at Kalamunda, so I had to actually get a photo of a camel.  The track was good, the first one with my ‘new’ mountain bike, nice wide knobbly tyres hold the dirt curves well and I felt much safer.


Planning the next trip, or discussing the last one, and getting ready to do it all again.


Here is a very cheeky customer, I watched him break open a bread bag and start hacking away at the bread.  Having been chased away from that he just proceeded on to the next likely looking bag and started the process again.  No fear at all.


Sunday morning saw the keen ones up early sharing jokes and coffee.  Those of us who can are going for a bush walk to the North Ledge of the Mundaring Dam.


We head off through the bush, it is always great to know that someone has done the walk before and can confidently show us the way.  (That is the theory anyway, it doesn’t always work out like this.)


An easy bit of strolling along a flat road.  Sorry, I didn’t notice that someone is in the process of removing his shirt while I take a photo – it could have been worse.


Here we are at North Ledge seeing what we can see.


On the way back we pass by Mundaring Youth Hostel, and see a few Australians out the front waiting for some food.  I’ll bet this has some of the international visitors getting their cameras out in a hurry!

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