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1/3/2017 – Action Outdoors Association Weekly Walk

Having decided that I have to get really fit for my November Cape to Cape walk, I thought I would try to attend AOA’s weekly walks of about 10kms. 

While on the walk, the clouds built up and presented a perfect photo opportunity, along with the newly blonde hair (that won’t last long).

Here are the clouds coming, later in the evening amazing lightning bolts threw down to earth, but of course I was well out of the way by then.  That’s all.

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11/3/2017 – Another Fun Event with Action Outdoors Association

Event advertised – What better way to enjoy a Perth summer day than playing on the beautiful Swan River?

Firstly we were given a few tips on how to sail, but all very low key and “you’ll be right”.  Here we are sailing towards the city of Perth from South Perth.

Yes, I am enjoying myself, it is good to be out on the river again.

Another view of the city from the catamaran.

A fun, relaxing morning.

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30/12/2016 – Quiz Night

With time to kill before the quiz night, Linda and I went for a short walk near the campsite.

Interesting plant, looks like a Eucalypt, but what do I know? This identifying plants is not as easy as I thought it would be.  Any takers on this one???

Back to camp where some are playing board games while they wait for quiz night.

We have made sure that we are ready to go.

Anne Marie made sure she had her drink, but “where the hell is my seat?”  Keen quizzers are waiting for things to kick off.

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30/12/2016 – Time to go fishing

I had been looking for the chance to go fishing and word has it that Augusta is a great fishing spot.

First we try for squid at the local boat harbour.

A nice spot but no squid or fish in sight.

So…  follow the locals, plenty of action here, it’s on for young and old.

Hmm, not a good start and look at that sky.

Patience, patience, see the channel of water just in front of me, the tide is coming in and just in front of me is a deep drop, I had better not get too carried away.

Yeah, look what I caught, a double header, and they are slippery little suckers. One has almost jumped away.  These are yellow fin whiting.

Happy days.

I handed my rod over to Val so that she could have a turn. And voila, her first fish, and then she caught another one straight after.

So some poor soul will have to fillet and prepare the fish for eating (I have made it one of my policies of life never to learn how to gut fish).  We were pondering on the problem when along came this nice gentleman and his wife on a walk, he saw me dubiously looking at the fish with a knife in my hand and offered to show me how to do it.  “Oh yes please, how kind”.  “Oh you do that so well, a pleasure to watch”

“Oh, you don’t mind doing all of them, how kind, thank you so much, we are just helpless females after all, you have shown me so much, aren’t you wonderful.”  and voila, 8 fillets of fish – and that my friends is how you gut fish!!!

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