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18/02/2018 – A quiet Sunday afternoon!

Taken from Action Outdoors Association activities for 18/2/18  “We will start with two 20 meter abseils, followed by two 40 meter and then two 60 meter abseil with instructor Sven Borg.”

Just the view of the quarry as we drove in was enough to take my breath away?

Then Sven took us to where the first descent was to take place – just behind that tree branch hiding the person.

We listened to all of the instructions (hoping that we would remember them) and the first person went down.

Soon it was my turn and I managed to not disgrace myself, not scared of falling, but if you tip sideways you crash against the rock wall, that didn’t sound nice.

On to the 40 metre drop, we even got a carpet to help us get over the edge?

Here we are a bit further over the edge, but what he didn’t tell us was that the cliff sort of disappears and you are left….

….  kinda hanging and trying to reach the rock, apparently you are supposed to relax and just go down with the rope at this stage.  I was still trying to walk down the rock.

A bit further down, no chance of reaching that rock, I finally let myself just propel down on the rope.

View of the 60 metre drop with me at the top, by this stage the harness was really biting into my body just under the ribs, it was hot, dusty and there were bull ants climbing up my legs, so not that happy.

Last descent as I decided I had had enough at the bottom of the first 60m drop, once was enough, I thought my ribs were going to pop out they were so sore. I waited while some others had their second go.  A good experience, glad I did it, but don’t care to repeat that one thanks.

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21/01/2018 – Exploring tunnels built for the defence of Fremantle – WW2

Fremantle Harbour fulfilled a major strategic role in the Australian war effort. Fremantle was the main Indian Ocean port for refuelling Australian troop ships en-route to the European war.  Fremantle was also a major submarine base for the defence of northern Australia across the Pacific Ocean.

Our AOA tour of the Leighton Battery produced many surprised reactions, many (including me) had not realized how strategic Fremantle had been in the war effort.

Anti aircraft gun.

Who knew?

This lad has been here for a long time!  Still digging it seems.

We were happy to see that the women who served also got a mention.

Hard to imagine aircraft attacking Fremantle, but then it did happen in Darwin.

This is an example of a carving, in stone, crafted by a bored airman, life can’t have been very exciting!  Shown here – a kookaburra with a snake.

I joined a few cobbers for a hand in poker.

In the ammunition room we were shown how a torpedo is constructed (or was it a bullet, sorry, by this stage my mind had gone numb.  The ammunition volunteers who showed us around were very enthusiastic and sincere in their efforts to divulge all of their ammunition information.)

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24/09/2017 – SUPing down the river

As the only member with a Stand Up Paddle board, I created a group of one to take the same course as the kayaks down river to the river mouth at Guilderton.  Having an inflatable board I hurried off early to be prepared and ready before the kayaks hit the water.

All went well, except for several spots of rain.  I was so happy to be out and free on my paddle board, no one to keep up with, I could go where I wanted and go as slowly as I wanted.

A group of cormorants hung around looking wet and miserable, but it wasn’t cold, I pulled in for a closer look then went on my merry way.

I must be nearly there now, no kayaks have overtaken me yet and I can already see the start of the sand dunes. The rain has eased off and the water is smooth.

I paddled right up to the river mouth, you can see that the sand bar has now broken and water is going out to the sea.

I borrowed this picture from Hui Lin, who was around when the sand bar broke yesterday.  Apparently children often tunnel across, delighted to see the two waters mixing.  This looks pretty rough, and you can see the brown water going out into the ocean.

At last the kayakers catch up and we all had lunch together.  I was getting a bit cold by this stage as I managed to fall in when Julie shouted to me from the shore, “PAMELA”, surprised I turned and whoopoh, there I go straight into the water.  Very apologetically she invited me to sit inside their vehicle while we waited for the kayakers, and I managed to dry off a bit.

On the way back, I know that the kayakers will soon be ahead of me, sure enough, here comes Hui Lin.

But it is not a race, and I plan to enjoy the return journey.

I can stop when I like and have a break.  However, the clouds are looking a bit ominous and I don’t really want to get soaked again, so onwards I go.  A great day.

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24/09/2017 – Campsite and Evenings

The usual array of colours, shapes and sizes. My recently acquired 3 man beige dome tent is central, with nose of my car showing on left. By the way, there is no way 3 men would fit in that tent, I would be lucky to get one in there!  I have to sleep diagonally myself to avoid my pillow sucking in moisture from outside.

This is what we do when we are not kayaking, paddling, walking or cycling – we chat, drink coffee or wine and socialize with each other.

In the evenings, someone organizes a music quiz – easy if you follow his genre of music, otherwise impossible.

Or another someone has a go at charades.  Either way it is always an enjoyable time, even though quite cold as you can see by the clothing.

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