26/12/2017 – The Campsite

The Kalgan River Caravan Park is situated just north east of Albany.  A beautiful spot right on the river’s edge.

Those in tents had been booked into spots only a few meters from the river.

We soon made use of this facility, parking kayaks and one lone paddle board (mine) just outside Sharna’s tent. You can just see my little green car on the far left, my tent is just to the right of it.

Matching car and tent! It is lovely to have my own two man tent up again, even though I do generally need help putting it up.

We were surprised at the end of the day when dozens on kangaroos joined us to graze on the green grass. They are used to humans and we barely seemed to bother them.

There were plenty of joeys in evidence also.

Songs round the camp fire one evening.

A good chance for me to practice my night photography.

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25/12/2018 – Christmas Day

After a lovely walk in Nornalup and breakfast, we drive to Walpole where one of David’s brothers lives. Some of the crowd go by boat as there is water access all the way.

Beautiful preparations have been made, and I can see that someone has put a lot of effort into this day.

What a lovely place to play games with the kids.

And of course the big kids are included as well.  David has four brothers, (he is the one in the loudest blue shirt and sunnies, his identical twin, Matt, is in the other sunnies and pretty yellow bandana).  Must admit they look more like the Kelly Gang than a 21st century family but there you go!  The Secret Santa presents are being delivered, and some sort of point system is going on, which I never quite understood.

Then this amazing thing happened, some of the burly ones got down on the ground and others started stacking up on top of them. I think they were going for a world record.  They did a really good job of this, AND everyone looks happy.

Thank you everyone so much, you made me very welcome, and I nearly learnt all of your names, I had a great time and really appreciate your kindness and hospitality.  A wonderful family Christmas.

David and I got the chance to go back to Nornalup on the boat, which at sunset was just spectacular.

No words necessary.

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24/12/2017 – Beautiful Nornalup, near Walpole

I am going to great lengths here to try and show exactly where I was at Christmas.

Follow the red dot and you can see that I am west of Albany, so south western Australia.  To the left, west of Busselton and Margaret River is the Cape to Cape Trail (from point to point) that I walked in November.  (See previous blogs).

Here we have Nornalup, at the Red Dot, showing Denmark, Albany and Kalgan River (where I will spend 8 days after Christmas). Note all of the National Parks around the area, an amazing area of Australia, tall trees, peaceful rivers to paddle, peaks to climb, surf to swim in.

And here we are on the Frankland River at Nornalup.  I am going to spend Christmas with David and his family, who have kindly allowed me to join their family celebrations as most of my friends seem to be out of Perth at the moment.

We arrived on 24th and David took me for a short ride upriver for a quick look around before it got dark.

I am happy to see the usual collection of gnarly trees that always make a great photograph.

The river has many fallen logs in it and it is also quite shallow, so we cannot go very far.

But lovely colours and as usual, very photographic scenery.

We stopped for a short while to enjoy the tranquility.

Little boat sheds on the river.  What a lovely way to relax, I am a bit nervous about tomorrow. About 32 people are going to be there and I have only met two of them!!

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16/12/2017 – Lane Poole Park Tree Adventures – Dwellingup

I have written about the wonderful Tree Adventures, in two previous blogs (In the Trees Part 1 and Part 2).  I was really keen to get Jamali down there for a go, and his birthday provided the perfect opportunity, except that it was a few months after his birthday that we actually managed to find a date that suited everybody.

Here are Sasha, Jamali and myself all kitted out in the gear with smiling faces.

Just hang on and pull yourself backwards, what could be easier?

Just walk on the moving wooden thingeys.

Just walk along in the V of this net.  By the way, I think Jamali and Sasha spent more time photographing themselves than using the equipment!  But then that is the younger generation eh?

Prime example!

View of some of the equipment.

Jamali ready to do some ziplining.

Jamali and I at the end.

Now here’s a treat for the die hards.  A few videos that I have put on youtube, one of me getting stuck in some ropes, Jamali descending to ground then falling over (much to Sasha’s delight), and one of me descending.

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