16/4/2018 – Getting the bike ready and some food prep

Plans have been made to meet up with Liz and Scott again – I walked the Cape to Cape with them last year and started with them on our Adelaide to Darwin cycle in 2013 (see previous blogs), this year we are going to cycle the Munda Biddi – a cycle track from Perth to Albany, about 1000kms, all of it off road.  The following introduction is taken from the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation website:-

The Munda Biddi Trail (which means path through the forest in the Noongar Aboriginal language) is fast becoming a world-class nature based off-road cycling experience. There are few places left in the world where a 1000km trail could be built through an undeveloped natural corridor. Combine Western Australia’s vast areas of unspoiled forest and bushland, gentle terrain and year-round cycling weather, and you have the ideal setting for an off-road cycling trail.

It was about time that my bicycle had an overhaul, re-grease and full check up.

Start by getting the chain off, and check out the wheel hub bearings.

Front wheel bearings were dry one side so I repacked both sides with grease and readjusted.

Back wheel is always a bit trickier, cluster had to come off, but soon those  bearings were also repacked and spinning beautifully.  I am very impressed, this bike has been to many places around the world and the bearing cups didn’t show a mark of wear.  Pretty soon bike is back together and quietly waiting for the action to come.

Meanwhile, friend David had his own ideas about how he was going to contribute to our journey although he couldn’t join us because of work commitments.  He is planning to cook and dehydrate some meals for us to take.

Had to laugh, because only a guy would be proud of this photo.  He certainly put in some effort and we were all extremely grateful to him for his contribution.

Into the dehydrator it goes. He cooked three separate styles – spaghetti bolognese, Thai green curry and satay beef.  All in all it dried down to 13 meals, each for three people.

And it was so lovely getting to a hut or campsite and just being able to empty out the bag, add water, wait a while, then heat and eat. Great food also.  Thanks again David, you are a star and “NO” to my girlfriends, I am absolutely not giving out his phone number to anyone!!!

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5/5/2018 – Queensland

On 30 April 2018 my mother passed away in Bundaberg. A sad occasion for all of the family, although we were relieved that she is now at peace having suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease for a number of years.

I flew up to Queensland to be with my sisters and father, a small respectful funeral was held at my parents local Baptist church.

While in Queensland and waiting for the funeral, we just had to go fishing, and for once we actually managed to catch some decent sized fish.  In mum’s memory I say.  She also enjoyed going fishing once dad had retired.  And I do remember teaching her how to cast her fishing rod back in South Australia.  (This was done on dry land and a few trees got in the way.)

Here I am showing off the ones that I caught.

Hey, they look even  better like this.  And they tasted good too.

Here is Chris enjoying hers cooked whole.  Some of us preferred fillets, although I only got to taste the flathead and not the bream. Hmmm.

While on the subject of Chris, here is one of the most amazing photographs in her collection.  I am so impressed that she managed to get this photo, both birds keeping still.  National Geographic eat your heart out. I think it is the blue breasted wren but not sure.

One last photo, totally unrelated, me on my new Stand Up Paddle board – learning to surf with it…..   Well you have to start somewhere, and I know the wave is nowhere near me but there is always next season – it is getting too cold now.

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16/4/2018 – What a Pest

Having been misled about the length of the lease at my previous abode I have now moved in with friend Anne for a couple of months while I visit family in Queensland and cycle the Munda Biddi and then it will be out room hunting again.

David helped with the heavy stuff but I forgot this tall stack of shelves so had to take it on my car.  Glad I bought these cloth roof racks (thanks Linda), they work very well.

And yes, the ironing board fits well on top of the SUP board.  Second SUP board I might add.

Can’t  believe that I have acquired this much gear, plus the bike, two SUP boards and what I have in my room. Not very minimalist and some stuff will have to go!!

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8/4/2018 – AOA Trip along the Murray River near Ravenswood

The day before the above trip was planned David talked me into going out on the ocean, to Little Island (and I mean “little”!!). I had borrowed an AOA kayak for the weekend, so better to use it.

This was exciting. More waves than I have encountered before, but we got to the ‘island’ safely, a large lump of rock and a bit of sand about 2kms off the shoreline at Hillary’s Beach.  David jumped out first to help me in and landed in a hole, so was up to his waist in water – much to my amusement.  But the ocean was washing in over the sand and we had to hold the kayaks tight, so it wasn’t much of a break. We jumped back in and paddled back to shore.  Relieved I made it without getting wet and cold.

The next day was Julie’s trip – “Launch from opposite the Ravenswood Hotel off Pinjarra Road and kayak up the Murray River stopping for morning tea and lunch on the way.”

Beautiful day for a paddle.

Stopping for a break.

Now it gets more interesting, going through the trees and shrubbery, be careful not to get your paddle caught in a branch!

Oh dear!!  David, who was mooching around at the back being Tail End Charlie, hurried to catch us up and got his paddle caught – another dip in the water.

And here he is emptying out his kayak.  Kinda funny when it is not you.

Here I am dry and happy.

Paddling back to Ravenswood Hotel.  Another great trip.  Thanks Julie.

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