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27/12/2017 – Kayaking the Kalgan River

About time I did some kayaking.

An early morning paddle wasn’t so early by the time every one had got organized, (where’s my life jacket, I just need to go to the toilet, forgot my water, etc).  But off we went, I was particularly nervous as this was really my first proper paddle, not just mucking around at the edge of the river.

One thing that they don’t tell you about a “sit-on” type kayak, is that what you sit in – is a puddle of water because you are so low and near the edge that water slops in and doesn’t slop out.  So you may be sitting ‘on’ the kayak, but you are sitting ‘in’ about six inches of water, not very pleasant.  Plus they are more ‘tippy’ – meaning look out they will tip you out (or tip you in), because they are narrower and built to go fast rather than stay upright.  Hmmm, what else didn’t they tell me???

Well I think you are supposed to go in the same direction as the rest of your group, and I can’t even remember what happened here, but things don’t look quite right.  Oh yes, they don’t tell you that you can steer with your feet and don’t have to rely on paddling to turn the kayak.

We took in some lovely scenery, lots of dead trees, birds and some fish jumping.  At about the centre of the photo above, just above the dead trees you can just make out a metal object.

And this is what it looks like close up, an amazing structure, looking rather weather worn and old. Nobody ever found out what the story about it is, but it is certainly a surprise to just come across it from the river.  It is situated on the Luke Pen Walking Trail by the side of the Kalgan River.

It is always worth the effort to get out on the water.  I think I survived reasonably well although I did have sore arm and neck muscles at the end of the day.

AND I didn’t fall out, but I think there is a lot to be said for one of those kayaks where you can actually sit in it and you have a ‘skirt’ which is tight around you and covers the hole so that you don’t get wet every time you lift the paddle up. Oh yes, and I have to remember to keep my arms straight – I can see how well I am doing that from the photos!  We kayaked about 12kms I am told, it was a good work out and one that I hope to repeat.

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31/12/2017 – Yet another New Years Eve

It has come upon us again, and here we are at Kalgan River Caravan Park having pre dinner nibbles and drinks.  The theme this year is “Good and Evil”.

No holds barred.

You can see that some take the whole ‘dressing up’ thing more seriously than others.

Love the black halo.

I did love my halo and plan to keep it (I may not always wear it though).

The local kangaroos were less than impressed.

And yes, we did finally make it to the restaurant for dinner and dancing. A great night.

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30/12/2017 – Point Possession Heritage Trail

Starting along the beautiful cliffs above Whalers Cove, the walk takes you through wildflower filled woodlands and on towards the loop section that lets you walk along the pristine Brambles Beach. The climb up to Point Possession provides some of the best views of King George Sound before you head down to the picture perfect Barker Bay Beach.  The blue line on the above map shows this walk.

Just setting off we can see snorkelers on the left and fishermen on the right.  Seeing them fishing on those flat rocks reminds me that many people have lost their lives rock fishing in rough weather, hard to imagine in this weather, but a large wave could easily wash somebody from those rocks.

Nice to see some Banksia bushes along the way.

After a short climb we can see where we are heading, go down, along the pristine beach then up to the point ahead.   There was a quarantine station located on the left of the peninsula, for early settlers with contagious diseases. You can see from the map above what an excellent spot this would be for quarantining anybody.

Everyone is happy to get to the beach as it is rather a warm day.

Looking good.

Just look at that beach!  We love our country.

Time for a snack, and some have a paddle.

Looking back along the beach I can now also see Bald Head, where I was walking the other day. This is the land the farthest to the left that gradually slopes upwards, you can just make out some of the ups and downs also that we traversed.

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29/12/2017 – Bald Head Walk Trail

Located in the spectacular Torndirrup National Park, the Bald Head Walk Trail is a challenging 12.5 kilometre return traverse of the Flinders Peninsula providing stunning views of the Southern Ocean and King George Sound.  This is the red line on the map.

Just starting out, we have the Southern Ocean on our right and King George Sound on our left.

Here we are looking back the way we have come, with yours truly in the front trying to keep feet firmly on the up and up.

Looks like we are near the end, but looks can be deceiving.

Again, looking back to see some of our group navigating a downward slope.

A much deserved morning tea break.

A view of the ocean side, rugged and spectacular, reminiscent of my Cape to Cape walk.

Lunch stop, on our way back now, someone mentioned that it was my birthday, and Annie had brought some cake with her, so I got the song and some cake.  A great way to spend my birthday, thanks guys.

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