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8/4/2018 – AOA Trip along the Murray River near Ravenswood

The day before the above trip was planned David talked me into going out on the ocean, to Little Island (and I mean “little”!!). I had borrowed an AOA kayak for the weekend, so better to use it.

This was exciting. More waves than I have encountered before, but we got to the ‘island’ safely, a large lump of rock and a bit of sand about 2kms off the shoreline at Hillary’s Beach.  David jumped out first to help me in and landed in a hole, so was up to his waist in water – much to my amusement.  But the ocean was washing in over the sand and we had to hold the kayaks tight, so it wasn’t much of a break. We jumped back in and paddled back to shore.  Relieved I made it without getting wet and cold.

The next day was Julie’s trip – “Launch from opposite the Ravenswood Hotel off Pinjarra Road and kayak up the Murray River stopping for morning tea and lunch on the way.”

Beautiful day for a paddle.

Stopping for a break.

Now it gets more interesting, going through the trees and shrubbery, be careful not to get your paddle caught in a branch!

Oh dear!!  David, who was mooching around at the back being Tail End Charlie, hurried to catch us up and got his paddle caught – another dip in the water.

And here he is emptying out his kayak.  Kinda funny when it is not you.

Here I am dry and happy.

Paddling back to Ravenswood Hotel.  Another great trip.  Thanks Julie.

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5/02/2018 – On the way home from Albany

We stopped off at Porongurup National Park, the Porongurup Range lies 48 kilometres north of Albany, the range has distinctive granite domes which are the remains of massive bubbles of molten rock that rose from deep in the Earth’s core.

Soon enough we were amongst these massive giant granite masses.  Changes in the temperature and in the weight of the overlying rock have caused the granite to fracture.

Balancing Rock – not hard to guess why it was named so.

On the way to the Granite Skywalk.

Once on the Skywalk stunning views can be observed.  A nice tourist offered to take our photo.

The Granite Skywalk is a suspended walkway around the huge granite outcrop of Castle Rock. There are spectacular views of the park and across undulating farmland to Albany, plus views to Mount Gardner and Mount Manypeaks.

There is however, further to go, and this requires much scrambling over rocks and climbing a ladder bolted into rock. Some people have already turned back, puffing and red in the face, but we are intrepid – and forge onwards!

Quite a stunning view, I especially like the straight fracture of the granite rock. Great weekend away David.

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3/02/2018 – Weekend Trip with David

Friend David is a FIFO worker, for those who don’t know, that means Fly In Fly Out, many people in Perth are FIFO because there are numerous mines in the north of the state and many oil and gas exploration companies offshore also.  David works for two weeks away and then flies back to Perth for a week, so he has a three week swing.  Since we met in September we have been enjoying each others company on his one week back in Perth.  He has a brother in Albany who he wanted to visit, so we decided to make a long weekend of it and take his surf board and my SUP board with us.

Friday evening walk after arriving in Albany, up behind the back of Simon’s (brother) house and past the famous new Anzac museum.

This is the new National Anzac Centre, located in Albany, the centre overlooks the actual harbour from which over 41,000 men and woman departed Australia for the Great War.

The next day we are off fishing in Simon’s boat, not much luck, I caught one small flathead but nothing else.

As usual the West Australian coast is perfect.

See our crystal clear water.  We were walking along Frenchman’s Bay with Simon and Caz, prior to having a barbeque on the beach.

I think I could get a job with the West Australian Tourist promotions, look at that water.  To the left, that mound is Bald Head where I have previously walked.

Here is the view from Simon’s house. See the big ship in the harbour.  Albany has a lot going for it, so many walking trails, cycling tracks, surfing, fishing, beaches, rivers, the list is endless.

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2/01/18 – The time has come to head home

A few girls had planned to break the trip home with a stop over at Stockton Lake near Collie, this sounded like a good idea so I asked if I could join them.

The lake was once an old open-cut coal mine which is now filled with water to form an artificial lake, it has a maximum depth of 32m.

There was a great camping site which until only recently was free but now one has to pay $6.00 per person per night.

We had a nice relaxing evening and early next morning I got up to take some photos before leaving.

and one more….

Yes, we did have a swim but notices warned against swallowing or submerging in the water.

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