Rottnest Island


5/3/2017 – Learn to Ride a Segway

Another new experience.

Not as easy as you might think.  First you have to get onto it, work out how your balance goes. Figure out the controls.

Then you get a little practice around the premises, with orange spikes so you realize how incompetent you are.  Then you have to stop when you want to, or when some fool in front of you brakes!  And work out your balance when going downhill.

Then you go for a little trip up the road, feeling like part of a long caterpillar.  Don’t get off when you have to stop, because then you have to work out how to get back on again.  Not a bad experience, I would try this again, it was fun, only three of our members fell off!!!  Not me for a change, this is my non injury year, decreed on Jan 1.

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5/32017 – Dinner out, Tennis and Friends

Lovely dinner out with other Action Outdoor Association members. But just look at all of the boats that come over on this March long weekend, it is packed out.

Everybody happy and relaxed, that’s what we like to see.

And me, I’m just happy, and yes I know, probably a bit too much sun.

Er, what was I saying about too much sun?

And again.

Yes, I’m loving it.  Love Rottnest Island.

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4/3/2017 – Around the Island by Cycle

This year we stop to have a look at the Shearwaters, and learn a bit about their breeding habits.  Another good reason to keep all cats and dogs off the island.

The scenery is always spectacular, I never tire of this wonderful cycle, you could almost stop every 100 metres and take photos.

Then there are always the ospreys to watch, unfortunately we are not at the right time of year to be whale spotting. One day!

There is always another scenic ocean view.

And the SUP boards to be jealous of, I just knew I should have brought my board over! (Not going to happen, I have enough to cope with lugging the bike and my weekend gear over). But look at the seals ‘fin sailing’, they are so relaxed. I have only found this term related to seals at Rottnest, so presume it is a local term. But apparently seals do this to either cool off if they are too warm, or warm up if they are cold, raising a flipper out of the water to warm it in the sun and thus increase their blood temperature or to cool it in the breeze and thus decrease their blood temperature.

To us they just look to be enjoying themselves.

And I am enjoying myself also.  Great day out.

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7/3/2016 – Photography

Once again Joy has lent me her USB of photos taken at Rottnest.  I have picked out a few spectacular ones to put in here, to show Rottnest’s beauty and Joy’s great photography.


The famous quokka of Rottnest island, always inquisitive, always friendly and always hungry.  Visitors are encouraged not to feed them, as it disturbs their natural diet, but they always appear when there is food around, so I imagine that human food does form part of their diet.


At least their tameness makes them easy to photograph.

SQ9A3399 copy

A close up of the seals at play.


The ever present pelican, always around spectating on events.


Beautiful Osprey in flight over the ocean.


Wow, you can almost see every feather.

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