Rottnest Island


5/03/2018 – Just looking around

These are some of my favourite scenes around the island.  The mosaic platform at the west end.

The jagged rocks on the north coast.

Would love to snorkel in here, but the climb down would be sharp!

What an artist erosion is!

And goodbye to Rottnest once again, would love to visit in the winter, must get on to that one.

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4/03/2018 – Action Outdoors Association March long weekend

Another beautiful day on Rottnest, but what lies in the sea?

Lots of baby fish and some big brothers.

And some bigger brothers.

Lots of fish.

And a strange looking black one that wouldn’t keep still.

Beautiful clear water and warm sunshine.

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3/03/2018 – Action Outdoors Association March long weekend

It is always great to be back on Rottnest Island. This year I celebrated with an super duper ice cream.

Saturday morning a group of us went on one of the newly publicized walks – Gabbi Karniny Bidi, about 10kms, it was interesting to see some different aspects of the island, and to get to places that cannot be reached by bicycle.

We stopped to watch the birds on one of the salt lakes (they all escaped the camera).  Rottnest has a system of salt lakes which covers 10% of the Island at more than 200 hectares.  There are 12 lakes in total with seven being permanent, while parts of the wetlands and 5 of the salt lakes dry up in summer.  The pinkish colour is caused by the algae Dunaliella Salina. It contains a naturally occurring pink substance called beta-carotene.  When shrimp eat this algae it gives them a pink colour also.

Another salt lake showing pink tinges in some places.

This lake is an important area for migratory birds.

It was nice to finally reach the coast again.

However, long weekends do have their drawbacks, and there were plenty of party animals over at Rotto this year, there was also a concert on in the afternoon and evening, so drinking and loud music was the go.

Here is Thomson’s Bay on a long weekend, it looks as if you could walk across the bay on boats.  We retreated to our quiet corner of the island to play tennis and have a few quiet wines.

And I had to get a quokka selfie this year after all of the publicity over Federer getting one.

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24/2/2018 – An early morning

I was ‘lucky’ enough to be marginally involved in the famous Rottnest Channel Swim via David who paddles as support for the four swimmers in his team, and two of his brothers who actually swim.  I delivered him and his brother to the start point with kayak, and retreated safely to a quiet spot where I could get some good photos.  (Actually there were no quiet spots).

I found this all very interesting, never having been present at the start before. Literally hundreds of people, kayaks, cars, officials, milling around at 5.30am around Cottesloe Beach.  The swimmers leave in ‘waves’ according to their group delineation. ie Women under 25 teams, single swimmers, men over 55 teams, etc.

The paddlers are all waiting on the north and south boundary trying to see their swimmer, they are supposed to pick them up (not literally) at the end of the lane ropes. The kayak and swimmer then pick up their support boat at the tall ship in the distance.  However, kayak has to find swimmer, and boat has to find kayak and swimmer and it looks like organized chaos. Above is a ‘wave’ of inexperienced swimmers, see how they have move en masse over to the south side of the channel, so many swimmers, they were getting feet and arms in their faces, it looked like a giant washing machine. And how are they going to find their kayak when they are still within the lane ropes.   Swimmers who have not found their support boat by the time they reach the tall ship are taken from the water and not allowed to continue.

Above picture shows two groups, the pink hats and the green hats, more experienced older swimmers, they have lined up evenly, you can still see the group before in the distance slightly to the left still bunched up.

Now you can see that these swimmers are following a much more sensible path, just swimming out away from the beach, when they get to the end of the rope their paddlers will pick them up and go with them.  David’s brother Simon was in this group, Simon always swims straight up the middle of the field and David can easily pick him out and meet up with him when he gets to the rope end.  After taking this photo I was off back to bed.

Here is a shot of David taken from their support boat, with his niece Ellie swimming past the 17 kms buoy.

And a shot of the unfortunate boat that sank near them, everybody was taken safely off the craft, but we never found out exactly what happened and why the boat sank.  Here endeth my experience with the Rottnest Swim and that is as close as I will get to being involved.

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