Margaret River


2/4/2018 – Rendall Close – Weir

A little known area of Margaret River, I was again lucky to be taken here and shown how to find it.  You can see where we were launching the paddle boards from and there are also walking tracks around the area. A nice quiet spot, I will endeavour to find it again one day.  Note: Ten mile walk/cycle trail goes past this spot and can be picked up from here, or reached at the end of River View Drive.  Actually on Warperup Creek now.

A quick look up the road that is a walk/cycle track.

Another beautiful day for mucking around on the river.

Rather muddy, but no one fell in!

Always the poser!

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31/03/2018 – Margaret River and a cycle to Boranup Forest Gallery

Keen to get out and enjoy the fantastic weather, the kayakers managed to get ready and take off just before the paddler boarders.

However, we also enjoyed the Margaret River albeit at a slower pace.

I also got the benefit of a cave tour by Peter and Maxine who had been here before.

Big limestone cliffs with numerous gaps and small caves showing.

The next day I chose to go cycling, a rough cycle on dirt to the local Boranup Gallery for a coffee and look at the art work.  Proving that it won’t be too difficult, local resident Dave takes his tandem along for the ride.  We covered about 45 kms on this track.

Photographer Dean waits for others to come into view.

And I was lucky enough to get a photo taken as I cycled by.

Then we were invited back to Dave’s house for hot cross buns and coffee.  Above is another of his visitors,  an enormous grey kangaroo, they apparently waltz in and out of his garden at will.  This one was not scared and I did not get too close.

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29/03/2018 – Another Great Action Outdoors Association event – Try to remember we are here to relax

So looking forward to being at Margaret River again, and camping in the Prevelly Caravan Park

I just had to go and have a look at the surf before going to the camp grounds.

It doesn’t take long to put a little tent up.

Now I can sit and relax.

Oh, and here are some others relaxing also.

Or we can all relax together.  As long as everyone does some relaxing (cos it could be a hard weekend).

Here are some of the crowd relaxing on Saturday evening, having grub, drinks and dancing.

And here are two friends looking very relaxed.

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1/1/2015 – Seeing in the New Year – Margaret River Christmas/New Year Camp Part 10


So, at the camp was Peter Miller, who had recently bought an inflatable paddle board – yes, you heard right, INFLATABLE.  Now this ticks all of my boxes, – you can paddle board, surf and wind surf on them.  It will pack up and go in your little car, or even on your bike if it must.  Nice and wide, so quite stable, ideal for the whole family.


Start off on your knees he said, so that you can get your balance and the feel of the board.


Hmm – we seem to be going out to sea!  Still I haven’t fallen off yet.  However, yes, still on my knees.


That guy is an absolute show off.


Whoa, tilting, tilting,


Well, I managed to stand up but am still heading out to sea. Maybe I can steer a bit better now.


Great, heading back to shore.


Yes, I think I will survive this experience, where can I buy one?

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