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4/05/2017 – SUP WORKSHOP – Mindarie

I signed up for a three hour workshop one Saturday morning.  Very educational and informative.  I learnt a lot of ways to upskill myself.

Practising on the roller board, yes, that’s me coming off.

Actually managed to get someone to take a photo of me when I wasn’t falling in.  By the way, I only fell in once.

Some of the group practicing their paddling.

We even spent half and hour on SUP yoga, a goal of mine.

Here’s something really impressive.  Different location but this is what I am aiming at!!!

We finished up with a bit of fun on some super big paddleboards. They would easily fit about a dozen people on them.

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28/4/2017 – AOA Event Whitman Park Woodland Reserve

This involved a night walk through the park, a good opportunity to photograph native animals in the dark.  Above is a sugar glider.

The brush-tailed bettong, also known as the woylie, an extremely rare small marsupial that belongs to the genus Bettongia. It is endemic to Australia.  Because much of its habitat has been destroyed, they are quite difficult to see these days.

The southern brown bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus) is a short nosed bandicoot, a type of marsupial found mostly in southern Australia. It is also known as the quenda in South Western Australia.

 Another woylie looking for food.

A grey kangaroo getting into the picture.

The sugar gliders do not want to miss out.

Some of our members after the night walk.  Obviously, food was put down to feed the animals, and they are kept within vermin proof fences so that they are safe, so it isn’t quite the bush, but at least they are protected and many are breeding.

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31/3/2017 – With Lizzie Martin

The historic streets of Fremantle burst to life as performers transform the city into a world stage every Easter.  A great opportunity for me to test out my iphone 6 camera.

I didn’t get this performer’s name, but he was an amazing artist.

Quatuor Stomp – acrobatics, juggling, fire or a crazy act of daring.   This one of a kind performance is a game of chance where the roll of a dice determines which acts will be part of the show.

Impressed at how well the camera captured this action shot.

Just had to get a photo of this wonderful van, just what Linda needs!  Everything on tap.

Another performer strutting his stuff.

Fraser Hooper from New Zealand.   This guy was so funny, he never spoke a word, yet got people from the audience to join him and do wacky things for him. This little girl pretends to be a fish, goes in the pond, and swims around in it.

Here he is trying to catch her, it was hilarious, there is even a duck close by.  It was his expressions and exasperation at the audience that was so funny.

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2/4/2017 – Early Morning

They told me that early morning was a good time for paddling, so with a great deal of effort I thought I would give it a try.

Guess what?  They were right.  Beautiful mornings in Perth.

Calm river, very little wind.  I met some lovely girls from the SUP Tonic Meet Up group, we paddled the river on a few different days.

A really calm morning on the Swan River.  Look out for the waves that the boats make as they go past.

Paddling early in the morning.

A bit later in the day. Good stuff.

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