Cycle trip to Darwin


4/3/2017 – Around the Island by Cycle

This year we stop to have a look at the Shearwaters, and learn a bit about their breeding habits.  Another good reason to keep all cats and dogs off the island.

The scenery is always spectacular, I never tire of this wonderful cycle, you could almost stop every 100 metres and take photos.

Then there are always the ospreys to watch, unfortunately we are not at the right time of year to be whale spotting. One day!

There is always another scenic ocean view.

And the SUP boards to be jealous of, I just knew I should have brought my board over! (Not going to happen, I have enough to cope with lugging the bike and my weekend gear over). But look at the seals ‘fin sailing’, they are so relaxed. I have only found this term related to seals at Rottnest, so presume it is a local term. But apparently seals do this to either cool off if they are too warm, or warm up if they are cold, raising a flipper out of the water to warm it in the sun and thus increase their blood temperature or to cool it in the breeze and thus decrease their blood temperature.

To us they just look to be enjoying themselves.

And I am enjoying myself also.  Great day out.

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1/1/2017 – Goodbye and Good Luck to Marshall

Introducing Marshall, one of our members, Marshall has recently bought this recumbent cycle with the aim of cycling to Sydney.  Here he is at our Augusta Camp, having cycled down from Perth over a few days, he is now off back to Perth. This is his trial trip to get ready for the big event, cycling from Perth to Sydney – we all wish him well on his dream. Leaving on 1st April, and I hear he is now in Clare, SA (4/5/2017).  Great endeavour Marshall, and many of your friends are thinking of you.

Just saying a few goodbyes.

and he’s off.

The next day as Linda and I were driving home, we passed Marshall and then saw this guy WALKING up the road.  Amazingly there was a petrol station about 500 metres ahead, so we stopped to say hello to the weary travelers.

Old Mate told us that he had walked over from Queensland! and this was his way of life.  He had a chat with Marshall and then was on his way.  Look at the muscles on those legs!

Admiring each other’s equipment.  That trailer has seen a few kms.  So lucky there was a place to pull over nearby of we could not have stopped.

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27/12/2017 – Going for a cycle

Construction of the Wadandi Track between Cowaramup and Witchcliffe is now complete, and it has been extended south to Sebbes Road, which is where we joined it.

A beautiful road to cycle. No traffic, flat road with very few gravelly patches.

Yes, we loved it.

I also did a cycle along the river to the coast which proved to be very photogenic.

Very peaceful, picturesque and relaxing.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

Well you have to stop for an ice cream sometimes don’t you?

Club members Connie and Richard going for a paddle, not me on the paddle board, but it looks perfect weather.

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27/3/2016 – A cycle ride along the Munda Biddi

I spent a day on my bike with cycling buddy Bruce.


The same beautiful scenery as on the Bibbulmun.


Just so peaceful, that feeling of getting away from it all is wonderful.


Just having a breather.


This fallen tree captured my attention and just had to be photographed.   Thanks Bruce for a great day exploring the track that you know so well.  It has given me more confidence to think about cycling the whole track – what a blast that would be. Perth to Albany – yes, I will put it on my to-do list.

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