25/1/2017 – A visit to the town of 1770

Seventeen Seventy is a small town in Queensland, built on the site of the second landing by James Cook and the crew of HM Bark Endeavour in May 1770 (Cook’s first landing in Queensland).

View out across the bay.

Provides a quiet spot for  boats to anchor.

While walking on the beach I couldn’t help but notice millions of little crabs swarming over the sand, if you approach too closely they just disappear into the sand and then reappear as you walk away.

The beach was literally alive with these creatures, and you could hear the almost silent shuffling of their tiny legs as they moved quickly along.

Every lap of water had them moving and jostling around.  Hmm, never seen this before. After some research it seems they are soldier crabs.  The light-blue soldier crab, is a species of crab that lives on sandy beaches in Australia; with other members of the genus Myctyris it is “one of the most loved crabs in Australia”.  Adults are 25 mm (1 in) across, white, with blue on their backs, and hold their claws vertically. They feed on detritus in the sand, leaving rounded pellets of discarded sand behind them. The males may form into large “armies” which traverse the beach at low tide, before the crabs dig into the sand to wait for the next low tide.  (Thanks Wikipedia)

Dad sat down  to enjoy the sun as I scurried around avidly taking photos.

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January 2017 – Bundaberg, Queensland

Some family photos for relatives and close friends.

Chris swimming in Rosie’s pool.

The three sisters, together for once.

And again with dad.

Dad with his first cousin Ruth, who flew up from Melbourne to catch up with us all.  And a big yeah to dad who is turning 90 years old next month.  10/7/2017.  Looking good dad.

My personal favourite. Everyone is fed up with having their photo taken, Ruth thinks we have finished and starts to walk off, while Rosie and Chris have a quick giggle.

Here’s a nice one of mum and dad.

Me and Chris with mum, and yes I know I had had a bit too much sun.

Last one, me with mum and dad.  Now I need to try and get some decent photos of my sons to put up on here, it has been a few years since I did that, and they have grown up somewhat!

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27/11/2015 – A Visit to see Wood Carvings

My dad was very keen to take me to Bargara to view some wood carvings of sea life that he taken my cousin to see.


Arthur Clark is a renowned local artist, famous for his wood carvings utilising local timbers.


Denizens of the Deep is a series of intricate wood carvings of coral and sea life that live off the coast of Bundaberg.  With over 70 works comprising numerous components, the largest piece being more than three metres long, Council had been unable to display the entire collection at one location which was the Artist’s desire when Bundaberg City Council obtained the entire collection in 2005.


The entire works have now been moved to Bundaberg Regional Council’s Bargara Office where they are on display for all to see.  The relocation project sees the construction of decorative platforms and the installation of lighting designed to display the artworks in their entirety.


I was pleasantly surprised by the entire display, it was beautiful, I particularly liked the moray eel in the above photo poking his head through the hole in the coral.


And again here, amazing carving.


Every time I look at these I see something else.


“When he gets a new piece of timber, he will spend the first three days just sitting and looking at it from all angles,“ Mr Clark’s wife Betty explained. “As soon as he picks up his pen, I know he’s away,” she said. No preliminary sketches are drawn, only a chalk line on the timber to mark the spine of the dominant animal in the carving. CQUni News


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24/11/2015 – A Trip on a Boat

Mal (Rose’s husband) had recently bought a new boat and was anxious to try it out, so we set off to the banks of the Burnett River to launch the boat and try our hand with the fishing rods.


Just checking that everything is in place and secure.  Note the beautiful round hole in the bridge structure, I wish I had noticed it at the time, I could have used it to make an awesome photo I reckon.


And off we go, down river towards the heads.  It was a beautiful day.


Ah how the rich and famous live, stunning house with an equally stunning yacht moored at river’s edge.


Others are also enjoying the water, sailing with gay abandon.


Far from the madding crowds.  Very close to the Burnett Heads we stop for a picnic. No one else in sight, just us and the beach.  I made the formidable mistake of walking over the sand to explore behind us, realized too late that the sand was REALLY HOT and my feet were burning, so had to run back with sore feet to the water to recover.


A trawler came by us while we were eating lunch.


Rather wind blown, but had a fantastic day, it would have been even better if I could have actually caught some fish.  Just as well that I like sitting by the water.

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