January 2017

Kangaroo Island is so beautiful, it is difficult to stop taking photos. Here are a few of my favourites.

A scene from beautiful American River.

Similar scene but framed by an old kiosk opening.

I do love interesting trees, this one is over the water from American River.

Hardly needs an introduction.

I just love the colour of the boat and how it mixes in with the water and sky.

Not particularly photographic, but Liz decided to take me out in the canoe for a paddle. With much instruction about how to paddle, which went in one ear and out the other, sorry Liz.  However, we didn’t capsize.  Yeah I have done it a few times now.

Here we are at a better angle.  This is Pelican Lagoon, which lies alongside their property.  Hmm, not a bad part of the world. One thing about being on a smallish island, it is as if the rest of the world ceases to exist, I think that is one of the positives of the place, you can really escape.  Even have to drive up the road to get mobile reception.

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18/12/2016 – Kite Surfing and Osprey Washing


Yet another beautiful day on the Swan River, everyone preparing to kite surf, wind surf or simply relax.


Always room for one more, but it is starting to look crowded.


A few wind surfers soar past.


Now what is this I see out on the Point Walter spit.


An Osprey taking a bath.


Not too cold, no one around, a quick duck under, feathers out.


Clean but rather wet.


Looking better, now off to dry out somewhere.

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4/12/2016 – More Fun with Chris and Bruce

Having seen this beautiful area once before, (going home from Dwellingup) I thought it would be a great place to take Chris and Bruce for a bush walk near the city.

There were some pretty wildflowers out (as above) that I haven’t been able to find the names of.  I am very frustrated, and I have a book of Australian Wildflowers but they don’t seem to be in it!

Early on, Chris and Bruce notice this shy lizard that was hiding by the side of the path. Any excuse for having a practice with the camera. The next two photos are Chris’s.

Beautiful close up.

Showing us what he had for breakfast!

Moving on, some lovely purple flowers I can’t find the name of.  Sister, Chris tells me these are Mulla Mulla!  The picture in the book is less rounded, but they do look similar.

And this is my close up that I am very happy with.


This is the Grape Grevillea (Grevillea bipinnatifida).

Chris and I wanted some photos of us together, “Just walk naturally” she is telling me as we both start clowning around.

Here we are in a less guarded moment, hats and sunnies on, enjoying the Australian bush.

We finally get to the top where there is a great view of the river and dam.  See the gorgeous orange tree to the left.  These are definitely bee attracting trees.

And I got a close up of the bright, attractive plus a couple of bees.

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8/07/2016 – Peace and Serenity


Here is our campground the next morning, so quiet and peaceful.


Looking out over the bay.  This area is apparently where many dugongs come to feed and mate in another season.

The Dugong (Dugong dugon), sometimes referred to as a sea cow, is the only true  marine mammalian herbivore. It is a strange looking creature with a head designed to ‘vacuum’ seagrass off the sea floor and a dolphin-like tail. It is thought that the legend of the mermaid came about after sailors who had spent too long at sea, spied the dugong and thought they were beautiful women with fish tails. Its closest living relative is the manatee – a freshwater version of the Dugong.  Despite appearances they are not so closely related to other sea mammals, rather more related to elephants.


But look to the left, and ….. where has all the water gone?  Not to worry it is just low tide.  Shark Bay has the world’s second largest dugong population, 15,000 dugongs, and is the world’s most significant dugong behavioural research site.  Disappointed not to see any, but there is always next time.  Further to the left are copious beds of seagrass that the dugongs come in to feed on during the mating season.


What an amazing day.


Linda took this beautiful photo of a … bird.   Not sure what species this is,  help please?   I decided to play around with my software and see if I could bring out the best of it.


Very pleased with this, and I think it is a Caspian Tern?

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