End of November – Time to Move on

After spending three and a half years with Linda in her home, we both felt it was time for me to move on and I have managed to find a nice house about 5kms away in Willetton, sharing with Aly.

Sorry about the terrible photo, I must have been very anxious because all my car photos are fuzzy.  I managed to pack most of my precious belongings into my car over a few journeys to get them to my new abode.

A bit overcrowded but we are not going very far.

My new sitting room.

The kitchen which I will share with Aly.

Even the shed has lots of space, the lockers are all empty, so I can put my camping and fishing gear in them.  The white trunk has all of my travel photo books in it!  And the big pot is for making tomato relish.  Nothing like having the necessities of life with you!!

The pool in the back garden.

Plenty of palm trees around to drop their fruit and leaves on the paving and into the pool!  But a beautiful setting.

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29/09/2017 – A work in progress

Like all gardens, there is always something that needs doing, something that looks wonderful and something that looks less than wonderful.

Here is the chief gardener at work, surveying the trees, gutters, ageing patio and flowering wisteria.

The wisteria, although stunningly beautiful, manages to flower about the patio, so that it’s main glory is barely visible from below.

This is the view from the back door.

Spring is coming, flowering almond tree.

Some plant life near and in the little pond.

Yeah, the mulberries are on their way.

Even the  bird’s nest fern survived the short winter.

Queen of the garden pointing the hose in all directions.  (Anything is better than housework!)

The big pond, showing two frogs, we think there are about seven in residence.

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13/1/2017 – I am back in South Australia, visiting friends

This is the front view of the beautiful stone cottage that I am sleeping while on Kangaroo Island with Liz and Scott.  Complete with mezzanine floor, Scott is now building an extension in order to house more WWOOFers.

View of the work in progress, to the left will be a shower block, in the middle is the new extension for bunk beds, and to the right is the original from the back of the building.

I slept in the extension, as the original cottage is being used for storage (and it’s full).  You can search on the category “Kangaroo Island” to check on their progress.

And here’s the garden for now, slightly overgrown as Liz and Scott have been cycling overseas for a few months, but they will soon get it back in shape.

I was amazed at the number of potatoes all over the garden, they are growing like weeds, the entire garden has potato plants growing between other vegetables.  I couldn’t resist collecting a few.

Some parts are a bit more ordered, I helped with the weeding.

Liz is working to get more seedlings into the garden before the weather turns and it is too late.

More produce that likes to grow unaided.

And this is how you try and keep the possums out.  Unfortunate if they get in, because then they have a hard time finding their way out again.  Great times as always.

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20/11/2015 – Bundaberg, Queensland

After an incredibly tiring journey, plane from Perth 00.10am to Gold Coast 7.00am, bus to train station 8.20am, train to Brisbane Central 9.30am, Tilt train to Bundaberg 11am, arrive in Bundy 3.30pm.


Here is Rose’s beautiful house in Bundaberg, her and husband Mal have only been there for a few months and are already licking it into shape.


From the back, showing 4WD and new boat. The house is on about 2 acres, so they have plenty of room for visitors!!! (and chickens).


View from the back verandah, lovely pool and plenty of room.


Here is the fish that Mal brought home the first day after a mornings fishing – and very nice it was too.


Eggs on the front lawn closely guarded by attendant plover couple.


These birds were incredibly good at guarding their eggs, this is as close as I could get to them and dad warned me that they would actually attack if I pushed them


Masked Lapwing, formerly known as the Spurwinged Plover, they are well known for their aggressive habits and penetrating calls.  They have sharp, black-tipped yellow bony spurs on their ‘shoulders’ and these are used against predators (and over enthusiastic photographers).

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