29/03/2018 – Another Great Action Outdoors Association event – Try to remember we are here to relax

So looking forward to being at Margaret River again, and camping in the Prevelly Caravan Park

I just had to go and have a look at the surf before going to the camp grounds.

It doesn’t take long to put a little tent up.

Now I can sit and relax.

Oh, and here are some others relaxing also.

Or we can all relax together.  As long as everyone does some relaxing (cos it could be a hard weekend).

Here are some of the crowd relaxing on Saturday evening, having grub, drinks and dancing.

And here are two friends looking very relaxed.

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31/01/2018 – A pleasant afternoon with two friends

A friend, Anne, suggested a paddle along the Canning River from Kent Street Weir one afternoon.  She has a kayak, and I mentioned to Aly that she might like to come along and could travel on my SUP board quite comfortably.

The river was quite murky and low, so we took it easy, not knowing what was beneath us.

Here is Aly sitting on the front of my board, trying not to dangle her toes in as this disturbs the movement of the board as it moves forwards.   By the way, I was paddling, she is just holding the paddle so I can concentrate on the photo.

It was a beautiful day and we were entranced by the scenery, despite the muddy waters.

We meandered up a side tributary, only to find it too shallow to continue.

Then a series of splashes and a flurry in the water startled me. Finishing up with two small fish landing on my board, what a surprise!  Well, I had to get a photo of this, one fish smartly returned to the water but I did manage to encourage the other to stay a while and get his photo taken.

Apparently a small bream, we saw lots of fish jumping after this, nice to know that the waters are still clean enough to allow fish to breed.

We stopped on the river bank for a short while and Aly had a go on the board – easy peasy.

Returning back to our start point, I took the opportunity of getting a photo of myself, difficult to do when you are out paddling on your own.

And I am not going to make the mistake of falling in right at the end of the trip when someone has a camera trained on me. (I hope).

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14/01/2018 – No I did not enter this event!

However, I did go and watch and never having seen anything remotely like this before I thought it was interesting enough to make a blog about.  The Enticer event is designed to encourage those who haven’t yet worked up to a full triathlon, it consists of a 250m swim, a 10km ride and a 2km run.

Very early on a Sunday morning, everyone arrives and puts their bike into a very special designated spot which only their bike is allowed in.  They also put their gear for cycling beside their bike, the object being to make the changeover from swimming to cycling as quickly as possible.

The swimmers go off in groups, depending on age and event I think. They wear different coloured caps so you can tell the difference.

Sorry this photo is a bit blurred, but I liked the way it shows the massive boats in the distance, probably waiting to go into the port of Rockingham or just leaving. You can see the wave of swimmers has stretched out, and there is a life guard paddling alongside the group.

Ah, here comes a healthy looking specimen striding up the sand to the bike station (this is friend David).

This looks like organised chaos as swimmers try to get into their cycling gear and out of their swimming gear as quickly as possible, then they have to wheel their bikes out and onto the start line for their cycle. If you look very carefully you can see David struggling into his cycling shoes but I promised not to embarrass him.

Here we are starting on our cycle ride.

And here we have almost finished the run.

And after the race, here is David and his identical twin, Matthew discussing the finer points of the event. Looks riveting!  Immediately following this David and I set off to Moore River with two kayaks to spend a few days on the river.  No rest for the wicked!!

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31/12/2017 – Yet another New Years Eve

It has come upon us again, and here we are at Kalgan River Caravan Park having pre dinner nibbles and drinks.  The theme this year is “Good and Evil”.

No holds barred.

You can see that some take the whole ‘dressing up’ thing more seriously than others.

Love the black halo.

I did love my halo and plan to keep it (I may not always wear it though).

The local kangaroos were less than impressed.

And yes, we did finally make it to the restaurant for dinner and dancing. A great night.

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