30/12/2016 – Time to go fishing

I had been looking for the chance to go fishing and word has it that Augusta is a great fishing spot.

First we try for squid at the local boat harbour.

A nice spot but no squid or fish in sight.

So…  follow the locals, plenty of action here, it’s on for young and old.

Hmm, not a good start and look at that sky.

Patience, patience, see the channel of water just in front of me, the tide is coming in and just in front of me is a deep drop, I had better not get too carried away.

Yeah, look what I caught, a double header, and they are slippery little suckers. One has almost jumped away.  These are yellow fin whiting.

Happy days.

I handed my rod over to Val so that she could have a turn. And voila, her first fish, and then she caught another one straight after.

So some poor soul will have to fillet and prepare the fish for eating (I have made it one of my policies of life never to learn how to gut fish).  We were pondering on the problem when along came this nice gentleman and his wife on a walk, he saw me dubiously looking at the fish with a knife in my hand and offered to show me how to do it.  “Oh yes please, how kind”.  “Oh you do that so well, a pleasure to watch”

“Oh, you don’t mind doing all of them, how kind, thank you so much, we are just helpless females after all, you have shown me so much, aren’t you wonderful.”  and voila, 8 fillets of fish – and that my friends is how you gut fish!!!

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7/07/2016 – A Look around Carnarvon


Initially, we drove into town and viewed this waterfront scene.


Then we found our way out to the mile long jetty that we had been hearing about from other travellers.  And yes, we did walk out as far as was possible, and we walked back.  One Mile Jetty in Carnarvon is the longest jetty in the northwest of the state.  You can walk along its 1,493 metre length, and then catch the Coffee Pot train back.


There were plenty of people fishing, but not much evidence of fish being caught.  Apparently, it is a great spot for fishing for Mulloway and Tailor, where you can enjoy fishing in the deep water without the need for a boat!


Above you can see this unusual town with Babbage Island and the jetty.


We climbed an old water tower when we returned back to land, and from here you can see the full jetty.   It was used in the early 1900’s as a deep sea port to transport local produce from the ships into the town. Steam and diesel powered wagons were used to transport the goods.  A nearby building was full of old machinery and transport from bygone eras.


Here is one of the old wrecks!!!  (Sorry Linda, I couldn’t resist).


And here are some more.

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24/6/2016 – Fishing at Sunset

We decided to have another go at fishing, south of Leeman, near the end of the day.


Another beautiful beach, Marcel and I decide to go for a walk before it gets too dark, we will go that way.


Past some rocks that have been worn down by the waves, there is a small cave happening but it has been filled up by sand.


A spot of peaceful fishing, Sid yells at Marcel “Get out of the way, she is trying to take MY photo”.


Yeah, better result, Maria and Syd relaxing and watching the sun go down.


No better way to end the day (although a few fish would have been nice, we did go home empty handed).

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22/4/2016 – Net Fishing

I am in Leeman for the Anzac Day long weekend for the second year running!!!!  Marcel, Sid and Roger all have their birthday on 25/4/2016 and often celebrate together at Sid’s shack in Leeman.


Here we are following Sid to the top of the sand dune.  I am really keen to have another go at net fishing.  If you want to see what happened last year, click here.


Now at the top of the dunes which look over the beach where we are going fishing.


Hmm, could be the same story as last year, the supervisor is still in business – checking out the work force.  Maria has joined us this year, she is also watching keenly.


Off goes Roger, taking the net out and around to trap the fish.


Result – fresh mullet!!!

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