5/5/2018 – Queensland

On 30 April 2018 my mother passed away in Bundaberg. A sad occasion for all of the family, although we were relieved that she is now at peace having suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease for a number of years.

I flew up to Queensland to be with my sisters and father, a small respectful funeral was held at my parents local Baptist church.

While in Queensland and waiting for the funeral, we just had to go fishing, and for once we actually managed to catch some decent sized fish.  In mum’s memory I say.  She also enjoyed going fishing once dad had retired.  And I do remember teaching her how to cast her fishing rod back in South Australia.  (This was done on dry land and a few trees got in the way.)

Here I am showing off the ones that I caught.

Hey, they look even  better like this.  And they tasted good too.

Here is Chris enjoying hers cooked whole.  Some of us preferred fillets, although I only got to taste the flathead and not the bream. Hmmm.

While on the subject of Chris, here is one of the most amazing photographs in her collection.  I am so impressed that she managed to get this photo, both birds keeping still.  National Geographic eat your heart out. I think it is the blue breasted wren but not sure.

One last photo, totally unrelated, me on my new Stand Up Paddle board – learning to surf with it…..   Well you have to start somewhere, and I know the wave is nowhere near me but there is always next season – it is getting too cold now.

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4/03/2018 – Action Outdoors Association March long weekend

Another beautiful day on Rottnest, but what lies in the sea?

Lots of baby fish and some big brothers.

And some bigger brothers.

Lots of fish.

And a strange looking black one that wouldn’t keep still.

Beautiful clear water and warm sunshine.

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3/02/2018 – Weekend Trip with David

Friend David is a FIFO worker, for those who don’t know, that means Fly In Fly Out, many people in Perth are FIFO because there are numerous mines in the north of the state and many oil and gas exploration companies offshore also.  David works for two weeks away and then flies back to Perth for a week, so he has a three week swing.  Since we met in September we have been enjoying each others company on his one week back in Perth.  He has a brother in Albany who he wanted to visit, so we decided to make a long weekend of it and take his surf board and my SUP board with us.

Friday evening walk after arriving in Albany, up behind the back of Simon’s (brother) house and past the famous new Anzac museum.

This is the new National Anzac Centre, located in Albany, the centre overlooks the actual harbour from which over 41,000 men and woman departed Australia for the Great War.

The next day we are off fishing in Simon’s boat, not much luck, I caught one small flathead but nothing else.

As usual the West Australian coast is perfect.

See our crystal clear water.  We were walking along Frenchman’s Bay with Simon and Caz, prior to having a barbeque on the beach.

I think I could get a job with the West Australian Tourist promotions, look at that water.  To the left, that mound is Bald Head where I have previously walked.

Here is the view from Simon’s house. See the big ship in the harbour.  Albany has a lot going for it, so many walking trails, cycling tracks, surfing, fishing, beaches, rivers, the list is endless.

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30/12/2016 – Time to go fishing

I had been looking for the chance to go fishing and word has it that Augusta is a great fishing spot.

First we try for squid at the local boat harbour.

A nice spot but no squid or fish in sight.

So…  follow the locals, plenty of action here, it’s on for young and old.

Hmm, not a good start and look at that sky.

Patience, patience, see the channel of water just in front of me, the tide is coming in and just in front of me is a deep drop, I had better not get too carried away.

Yeah, look what I caught, a double header, and they are slippery little suckers. One has almost jumped away.  These are yellow fin whiting.

Happy days.

I handed my rod over to Val so that she could have a turn. And voila, her first fish, and then she caught another one straight after.

So some poor soul will have to fillet and prepare the fish for eating (I have made it one of my policies of life never to learn how to gut fish).  We were pondering on the problem when along came this nice gentleman and his wife on a walk, he saw me dubiously looking at the fish with a knife in my hand and offered to show me how to do it.  “Oh yes please, how kind”.  “Oh you do that so well, a pleasure to watch”

“Oh, you don’t mind doing all of them, how kind, thank you so much, we are just helpless females after all, you have shown me so much, aren’t you wonderful.”  and voila, 8 fillets of fish – and that my friends is how you gut fish!!!

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