20/08/2017 – Tom and Phillip in the real world

This is the one and only photo I managed to get of Phillip on my last visit to Adelaide.  He is very happy working at Supashock, Magill,   for anyone interested, making shock absorbers for racing cars and military vehicles  Phillip is in his second year out of University as a Mechanical Engineer and is loving the work, the responsibility and the design.  A very busy young man, he has taken the transition from student to employee and run with it.  Go Phillip.

Tom is working on turning his Honours Project into a small business.  Called Stemtap, the system provides a platform for play and problem based pedagogies to teach children in a meaningful way.  Seems to involve a lot of coding, which is the current catch phrase in education these days.  Above photo is Tom and his colleague giving a presentation.

Here we have Tom in his office, looking busy. Although I do think that is a big jar of coffee on his desk!  Anyway he is very busy this year and only just has time to play footy.

Here he is kicking a ‘booter’, how well I remember the days when Tom, Phillip and Jamali played footy out the back of the house, Jamali was always convinced that every kick of his was a ‘booter’.

Here is Tom, showing us that he can run as well.

And this is what you do after your game of footy, a tradition since they were four years old.  Go Tom.  The twins will turn 24 in October, where did that time go?

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20/07/2015 – Bits and Pieces


Tom attempting to eat noodles at Fremantle Markets.


Beer tasting at IronBark Brewery with Phillip.  This is me wondering if I really have to join in and drink some beer, or will Phillip be happy to polish it all off himself.  Yes – he was quite happy to have 99% of it.


Strange looking car he wanted me to photograph at the Brewery.


Here is Emma doing a good job of totally ruining my carefully posed family photo.


Yes, we did finally get her to sit down and behave.  From the left, Andrew, Tom, Linda, Phillip, Emma.  A lovely family meal, thanks Steve.

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19/07/2015 – Phillip goes on an AOA Bush Walk

Tom has gone back to Adelaide to participate in an Adelaide Uni rowing camp, so Phillip and I decide to go on an organised Action Outdoors Association bush walk.  Called Bungendore Breezes – A walk in the hills close to Perth, starting with a steep climb but then getting easier.  In Bungendore Park, just south east of Armadale.

We found the meeting point fairly easily, seeing the only kangaroos of the day in suburban gardens.


Well, they were correct about the steep climb, the only consolation being that we knew it would get easier once we reached the top.


And there was a spot of rain, but nothing too frightening luckily.


Some interesting ‘wood art’ along the way.  This is the roots of a fallen tree.


Here’s Phillip striding manfully on.  Everyone is going strong.


Views along the way.  Not a lot of sun, but it is a good temperature for walking.


Finally, the lunch stop, that’s what we have been waiting for.  A chance to sit down and munch, and rest.


Ingrid striding on through the bush.  A lovely day out for Phillip’s introduction to bush walking, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and is looking forward to doing more in the future. (Kokoda Trail here we come!)

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15/07/2015 – Paddle Boarding

On yet another bright, sunny, beautiful afternoon my paddle boarding promise to the boys came into fruition.


Tom and Phillip pumped the paddle board up a lot faster than it takes me to use the car pump.  It was up and full in no time flat.  In this time Marcel found us at Point Walter, he brought his paddle board with him, so the kids could have one each for their first attempt.


Phillip chose to sit and use the kayak paddle, a good choice but you always get a wet bum this way.  Tom decided to give standing up a go (standing up is a lot easier on my wide board, which is designed for all round use, so it’s good for beginners).  Marcel’s board is much narrower and longer, designed more for speed.


And look, he is standing up and posing.

Tom Again

Tom and Phillip went off down river for a paddle, when they came back they had switched boards and Tom was very wet.  But he has managed to stand on the long board.


My attention got sidetracked by the water birds and…


and sea eagle that was perched on a nearby tree.


Here’s Phillip coming in for a close up.  He’s only wet because Tom decided he should be.

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