16/12/2017 – Lane Poole Park Tree Adventures – Dwellingup

I have written about the wonderful Tree Adventures, in two previous blogs (In the Trees Part 1 and Part 2).  I was really keen to get Jamali down there for a go, and his birthday provided the perfect opportunity, except that it was a few months after his birthday that we actually managed to find a date that suited everybody.

Here are Sasha, Jamali and myself all kitted out in the gear with smiling faces.

Just hang on and pull yourself backwards, what could be easier?

Just walk on the moving wooden thingeys.

Just walk along in the V of this net.  By the way, I think Jamali and Sasha spent more time photographing themselves than using the equipment!  But then that is the younger generation eh?

Prime example!

View of some of the equipment.

Jamali ready to do some ziplining.

Jamali and I at the end.

Now here’s a treat for the die hards.  A few videos that I have put on youtube, one of me getting stuck in some ropes, Jamali descending to ground then falling over (much to Sasha’s delight), and one of me descending.

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19/08/2017 – Up to date report on number one son

Jamali and his girlfriend Sasha took me out to lunch on Mother’s Day.  It was lovely meeting Sasha, and great to catch up with Jamali.

Back to my place for a few photos.  Jamali is living in Perth now with Sasha, but he is still working up north, near Karratha, but has a pretty good swing of 12 days on and 9 days off.  So really no excuse to not see him MORE OFTEN JAMALI!!!!

One of the pluses of Jamali having a girlfriend is that I get sent some beautiful photos, thanks Sasha. (and there are so many more photos, just lovely).

Foreston, South Australia.

Quite the fit, cool couple!

Jamali showing us he can cook?


Last but not least, this is Coco, Sasha’s companion when Jamali is away.  That was Coco in May.  And wait for it …….

This is the latest photo of Coco in July.  Grown just a bit!!!  But what I really love is that Jamali and Coco are ‘dressed’ in the same colour scheme.  You know what they say about owners and their dogs???

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8/01/2016 – Playing around at Point Walter


It was quite a windy day at Point Walter, so the kite surfers were out in force. Some of them were jumping over the spit, others were just learning and getting dragged along in the sand.


Jamali had been keen to have a go on the paddle board for some time so it was good to finally be able to get together with him and see what he could do.


Jamali, of course, was up and standing as soon as he got on the paddle board.  He disappeared so quickly that I hardly had time to get a photo of him, then off he went down river.


As the wind picked up more kite surfers appeared.


And here’s a lovely photo to mark the occasion, after about 5 attempts we got one that is worth preserving.


Then of course he decided to splash me!!!

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June 17, 2015 – What are they up to now?

I had better give an update on what my boys are up to.

Firstly, Jamali.


Here he is with his dad, Marco.  This was taken before the beautiful locks came off.


I tried my hand at sketching and was quite pleased with the result.


And here we have the “as now” picture, lots of muscles, lots of tatts, and a big smile.  I met up with Jamali this evening, he was on his way back to Newman, WA for more work.  At the moment, he is working on a casual basis but hoping for permanent work to come his way soon.


Phillip has been working hard at Uni and 2 days a week for the company that gave him work experience this summer, engineering shock absorbers for racing cars.


Above shows one of the cars that he was working with.


And here we have Phillip relaxing with a cool drink.  Last year at Uni so the going is getting tough.


Here is a photo of Tom being President last year at his residential college, Lincoln.


This year Tom decided to play footy with a local team, Klemzig. Luckily one of the supporters loves taking photos, so I can get a good supply of them from Tom’s FaceBook page.


Great action shots, and who does that tongue remind you of???  I can’t quite believe my boys have all grown up so big and strong.  Amazing!


Here’s what the boys would have called “a booter” in their younger days.


Great action shot here.


And there is that “twins look” again, or is he just saying “you had better not get to lunch before me”?

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