January 2017 – Bundaberg, Queensland

Some family photos for relatives and close friends.

Chris swimming in Rosie’s pool.

The three sisters, together for once.

And again with dad.

Dad with his first cousin Ruth, who flew up from Melbourne to catch up with us all.  And a big yeah to dad who is turning 90 years old next month.  10/7/2017.  Looking good dad.

My personal favourite. Everyone is fed up with having their photo taken, Ruth thinks we have finished and starts to walk off, while Rosie and Chris have a quick giggle.

Here’s a nice one of mum and dad.

Me and Chris with mum, and yes I know I had had a bit too much sun.

Last one, me with mum and dad.  Now I need to try and get some decent photos of my sons to put up on here, it has been a few years since I did that, and they have grown up somewhat!

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4/12/2016 – More Fun with Chris and Bruce

Having seen this beautiful area once before, (going home from Dwellingup) I thought it would be a great place to take Chris and Bruce for a bush walk near the city.

There were some pretty wildflowers out (as above) that I haven’t been able to find the names of.  I am very frustrated, and I have a book of Australian Wildflowers but they don’t seem to be in it!

Early on, Chris and Bruce notice this shy lizard that was hiding by the side of the path. Any excuse for having a practice with the camera. The next two photos are Chris’s.

Beautiful close up.

Showing us what he had for breakfast!

Moving on, some lovely purple flowers I can’t find the name of.  Sister, Chris tells me these are Mulla Mulla!  The picture in the book is less rounded, but they do look similar.

And this is my close up that I am very happy with.


This is the Grape Grevillea (Grevillea bipinnatifida).

Chris and I wanted some photos of us together, “Just walk naturally” she is telling me as we both start clowning around.

Here we are in a less guarded moment, hats and sunnies on, enjoying the Australian bush.

We finally get to the top where there is a great view of the river and dam.  See the gorgeous orange tree to the left.  These are definitely bee attracting trees.

And I got a close up of the bright, attractive plus a couple of bees.

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3/12/2016 – Finally my sister has arrived from Queensland

I have waited about ten months for Chris and her partner Bruce to get here.  They have been traveling around Australia with 4WD and camper trailer, and appear to have been having a ball.  Bruce managed to pick up a kayak along the way, so with that, Linda’s canoe and my SUP board we are set to go.


I took them to Kent Street Weir, it was quite windy so we decided to go upstream, which turned out to be a very good choice.  You can just see cormorants in the tree drying out and a couple of nests.


Here is a closer view of the nests, the bird noises were very loud and raucous, young birds crying out for food and older ones squabbling.


Chris and Bruce had got ahead of me as I was taking photographs.  Another great spot in Perth.


Bruce on the camera this time.


Messing about on the river again!!!


Chris looks like she is heading for the bushes as I look on.  Lots to explore and experience.

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8/01/2016 – Playing around at Point Walter


It was quite a windy day at Point Walter, so the kite surfers were out in force. Some of them were jumping over the spit, others were just learning and getting dragged along in the sand.


Jamali had been keen to have a go on the paddle board for some time so it was good to finally be able to get together with him and see what he could do.


Jamali, of course, was up and standing as soon as he got on the paddle board.  He disappeared so quickly that I hardly had time to get a photo of him, then off he went down river.


As the wind picked up more kite surfers appeared.


And here’s a lovely photo to mark the occasion, after about 5 attempts we got one that is worth preserving.


Then of course he decided to splash me!!!

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