4/11/2017 – Cape Naturaliste – Start of Cape to Cape – North to South

Way down in the South West corner of Western Australia lies a famous walking trail, 135kms going from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin along some of the most breathtaking coastline and peaceful forest you will ever encounter.  (see red line).

You will see from my “Reconnoiter blog” that Linda and I had already been down south to check out some of the meeting up points along the track. My walking companions are Liz and Scott from Kangaroo Island, valued friends of previous adventures, with another appreciated friend, Linda offering to drive the ‘sag wagon’ and carry our tents, cooking equipment, food stuffs etc.  We were aiming to walk approximately 15kms most days, a slower pace than most, but one which we felt would suit us and enable us to truly enjoy the environment without spending the end of each day just wishing for the walking to be over.

So here we are at the start of the Track, eager to get going.  All smiles.

A beautiful day, we bounced along.

Walking happily along the coast, and sometimes a fraction inland through low scrub.

Then a welcome toilet stop. I dived in first, Scott followed close behind, only to duck out again and enquire “Pamela, did you see the visitor in the toilet?”  Uh Oh, what had I not spotted?  I went back in for a closer look – top right corner.  Right above me had been a …..

rather large carpet python.  I didn’t make that mistake again, always ensuring that I had a diligent look around before making myself at home!   (What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger)


Soon after this we came across what we thought was a baby snake, but on later research (thanks Jim) I determined was a legless lizard, Pygopus Lepidopodus.  Either way it was pretty lively and we watched it disappear into the vegetation.


These amazing formations were next to catch my eye, I will get some prints of the pictures for my dad who is very keen on miniature gardens.  Limestone turrets that have collected seeds and sand and now have their own little micro ecosystem in place, very appealing.


Amazing what wind and water erosion can produce!


Looking south towards canal rocks.

A lovely shot of Liz and Scott towards the end of the first day, looking out to sea at the last lookout before Yallingup. 18.2 kms the longest days walking.  A wonderful way to start the adventure.  We met Linda at Yallingup and were driven off to the Caravan Park to set up camp for a few nights.

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1/10/2017 – Short Trip Down South

Linda and I are going south for a few days to check out the camping spots and access points on the Cape to Cape walk that I am going to do in November with two friends from Kangaroo Island.

Above is a view from the first access point at Rabbit Hill car park.  It is a heavenly day and difficult to stop taking photos with the beautiful views.

The view walking down to the Left Handers car park.

A small grotto just on from the Ellensbrook Homestead.

Fabulous Margaret River.

The Boranup Lookout, discovered while searching out the Boranup Forest campground where we will camp for a few days on the walk.

Hamlyn Bay.

Pink flowers on the walk down to the granite headland.  I think that I actually managed to find this one in my Australian Wildflowers book. Pink Rice Flower Coastal Banjine.  Pimelea ferruginea

From granite headland.

Some interesting plants with red (succulent?) leaves. Please message me if you know what this plant is.

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23/09/2107 – Camping and Kayaking north of Perth

One hour north of Perth lies the Moore River, it’s mouth at Guilderton and 20 minutes away from there is Willowbrook Farm camping where we set up tents for the weekend.

First thing Saturday morning was a trip to Guilderton with a river walk in mind. Note the difference in colour of the river, the sand bar and the sea beyond.

A look the other way gives a view upriver.

A short walk towards the mouth offers this view, and you can see how coloured the river water is, mostly vegetation and runoff from the land. At this point, the sandbar has not been breached and the two waters are separate.

Again a look upriver brings out the strong colour of the river.

Everybody ready for that walk!  We certainly won’t lose each other in the bush!

We venture on a walk upriver, along a small track, another beautiful day to be thankful for.

Even a picture of me with my orange day pack.

Here is an amusing sculpture of the ever patient tin man looking out to sea in Guilderton.

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22/7/2017 – Christmas in July Camp – Action Outdoors Association

Lovely photo of friends Anne and Kevin having a rest during our Saturday morning bushwalk.

It’s really the only time I can take photos – when we all stop, otherwise I get left behind and have to sprint to catch up with the others.

Beautiful Lilly Pilly tree right beside the cottage where we stayed.

Peacocks that roam around Fairbridge.

Socializing at the annual Christmas in July party on the Saturday evening.  Some members dress up.

Here is Cathy dressed as a sack!!!   Des is examining her decorations.

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