2/4/2017 – A Walk with Meet Up group Active Outdoor Aussies

Nice early morning photo at the Park entrance, relaxed kangaroos having a feed.  With woodland and wetland, the park offers plenty of opportunity for spotting a wide variety of birds.

Like ducks (this one did a photo bomb).

Or many waterbirds, although there are none here!

We did a lovely 11kms woodland walk and passed a few caves along the way.

This one, the house of the wild dogs.

Saw lots of amazing limestone structures, tripped over limestone rocks and knobs in the ground.

Witnessed spiders and other critters in the rocks.

Well we were on the Ghost House Walking Trail, so coming across the Ghost House wasn’t too much of a surprise.  Alas, only ruins.

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1/1/2017 – A Walk in Boranup Karri Forest

Another day, another year, off we set for a walk in the impressive Boranup Forest.

Towering karri trees, some over 60m in height, undulate across the valley.

Iconic Banksia plants show off their flowers.

Connie sits down to rest her weary feet, but this isn’t a strenuous walk (she’s still smiling), track all the way.

And look at the height of these trees.

Someone spotted this lump of horizontal wood that must have crashed down onto the other trees.

Lunchtime at last, everyone wanted a comfy spot, so we had to sit in a line!!!

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4/12/2016 – More Fun with Chris and Bruce

Having seen this beautiful area once before, (going home from Dwellingup) I thought it would be a great place to take Chris and Bruce for a bush walk near the city.

There were some pretty wildflowers out (as above) that I haven’t been able to find the names of.  I am very frustrated, and I have a book of Australian Wildflowers but they don’t seem to be in it!

Early on, Chris and Bruce notice this shy lizard that was hiding by the side of the path. Any excuse for having a practice with the camera. The next two photos are Chris’s.

Beautiful close up.

Showing us what he had for breakfast!

Moving on, some lovely purple flowers I can’t find the name of.  Sister, Chris tells me these are Mulla Mulla!  The picture in the book is less rounded, but they do look similar.

And this is my close up that I am very happy with.


This is the Grape Grevillea (Grevillea bipinnatifida).

Chris and I wanted some photos of us together, “Just walk naturally” she is telling me as we both start clowning around.

Here we are in a less guarded moment, hats and sunnies on, enjoying the Australian bush.

We finally get to the top where there is a great view of the river and dam.  See the gorgeous orange tree to the left.  These are definitely bee attracting trees.

And I got a close up of the bright, attractive plus a couple of bees.

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26/09/2017 – The Weekend comes to a close

Caladenia flava orchid

All too soon the weekend is over, but we did manage to squeeze another walk in before leaving town.  Above is a caledenia flava orchid, or cowslip orchid.


White pompom flowers.


Colours together make the perfect blend.


This is why they call Western Australians ‘Sandgropers’.

purple enamel orchid

Purple enamel orchid.


Two lizards out sunning themselves.

Grevillea Petrophiloides

And finally a Grevillea Petrophiloides.  Lots of colour, lots of exercise and lots of friends. Another good weekend with AOA.   Last three photos courtesy of Linda Hughes, thanks.

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