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Initially Girl on a Bike was planning to resume cycle touring by riding from Adelaide to Darwin! That trip is over and she is now documenting further travels and happenings in her life.


15/5/2018 – Chocolate milkshakes and a real bed

We were very happy to get into Jarrahdale quite early in the afternoon, time to visit the cafe.  See the round greeny item on the top of my gear, that is my new solar light. They are inflatable and the silver square is the solar panel which charges the light up.

Scott and Liz bought two after the trip and here is Scott kindly demonstrating their efficiency.  They are bright, lightweight, easy to charge (as long as there is some sun), and easy to hang.

Liz and I are waiting expectantly for our food.

And there wasn’t much left at the end.  Chocolate milkshakes for Liz and Scott went down a treat.

Accommodation for the night was at the old Jarrahdale Hospital, now the Environmental Centre.  $20 for a bed plus a basic kitchen to use.  We made good use of the facilities, showered, washed clothes and cooked.

I had a room to myself, clean sheets provided – luxury – can’t wait to get in that shower.

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CYCLE THE MUNDA BIDDI – Carinyah to Jarrahdale

15/5/2018 – Tree, trees and more trees

Day 2 was tough going, we took no photos, just slogged along ending up at Wongong Hut.

This is Wungong Camp Hut, Liz is allergic to mosquito bites so Scott and Liz slept in the inner of their tent, and I slept on the platform provided inside the hut. Very basic accommodation, no doors, but a drop toilet and plenty of water, room to cook and no one else to bother us.  Cold in the morning.

A view through the hut, plenty of room for a large group of cyclists.

Loading up our bikes in the morning, difficult with frozen, numb fingers.

And this is where I decided that I was happy with my new saddle and could leave the old one behind.  Maybe it will be of use to someone else!!!!

Day 3 of Cycling – The ride into Jarrahdale was  delightful and one I intend to cycle again, maybe lead an AOA event there.  In places the track was very narrow, trees and ferns seemed to swallow us up as we passed by.

Unfortunately not much bird life, we decided that the frequent burn offs may have reduced the numbers somewhat.

No sharp climbs and the road is more manageable.

Just watch out for the logs and sticks at the side of the road that threaten to tear out spokes.

Just beautiful.

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CYCLE THE MUNDA BIDDI – Mundaring to Carinyah Hut

13/5/2018 – A tough day on the road

This is some of the better part of the track, but it doesn’t give a very good idea of how steep the road was.  In several places we had to help each other actually get the bikes to the top of a hill, one person pushing was not enough.

So, lots of pushing (up and down in some places), lots of sweating and lots of slipping. I fell off four times on the first day, the wheels just slipped out from under me, luckily there were no major injuries.

Lunch stop at The Dell with David before he left us to cycle back to Mundaring.

We managed to find some tarmac later on in the day but it didn’t last for long.  Looking forward to getting to Carinyah Hut, we were a bit put out to discover that the Hut was not able to be used because the area was being ‘burnt off’.   A temporary camp site had been provided for us, but all that was there were two 22 litre jerry cans of water.  So out with the tents on our first evening of the ride.

These pictures of our campsite were taken the next day.  We were very grateful to have David’s dried meals and soon polished one of them off after carefully re-hydrating it.  An early night, well not much to do and it was dark and cold.

Scott consuming his breakfast.


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CYCLE THE MUNDA BIDDI – Getting to Mundaring

13/5/2018 – Let’s get those bikes to Mundaring

A great deal of cavorting around was to be had early in the morning of the 13th May, well, we still had some energy at that stage.  Liz, myself, David and Scott kneeling down, beside Liz and Scott’s beautiful slide on camper and 4 x 4.

A photo to show how we fitted all of my gear (at back of shed), Anne’s kayak, my car, etc into the garage before we left.

Scott looking like a startled rabbit, moving the last of the bike gear into David’s trailer.

Four bikes, and three lots of panniers and camping gear. David is dropping us off and will cycle with us for a couple of hours before returning to Perth to fly out tomorrow.

Here’s the track.  Start in Mundaring just out of Perth and cycle all of the way to Albany, 1000kms.

Here we are, 9.12am on a Sunday morning.  Bright eyed and bushy tailed, little did we know what was ahead of us.  You will see my old saddle atop my camping gear, Scott and Liz brought me over a new Brooks saddle but I am going to carry my old one until I am certain that the new one doesn’t give me any problems.

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