12/2/2017 – PIAF 2017 Launch Event

In the open-air spectacular Boorna Waanginy, scientists, botanists and school children came together with Noongar elders to deliver a powerful message.

Spectacular high-tech 3D projections, animation, sound and lighting effects will surround audiences as they walk through Kings Park to experience the natural splendour and diversity of the Noongar six seasons of the South West.

This event was breathtaking.  I was over the moon that my camera took such great shots in the dark.  The only disappointment was the massive number of other people who were sharing the experience.  It was like Trafalgar Square on New Year’s Eve!!  Everybody just shuffled forwards, millions of flashes going off from cameras, lots of noise, it was difficult to hear the recording.

The six seasons was a startling transformation of Fraser Avenue’s splendid 750m ‘tunnel’ of trees. The famous eucalyptus trees bloomed with vivid colours as great flocks of birds flew overhead and animals led visitors on a thrilling journey of discovery.

We could see shadow possums, flying foxes, birds and lizards moving through the trees. It was truly awe inspiring.

This picture gives some idea of the number of people who were present.  Extinctions is a walk along the Long Vista toward the Pioneer Women’s Memorial. This corridor of spectacular imagery will reveal the beauty and fragility of our fauna and flora – and be a dramatic memorial for extinct species.

Against the backdrop of these beautiful trees they showed ancient Noongar people.

Glass jars, lit from above, hang from the trees like lanterns, containing threatened species preserved in yellow liquid.  A voice lists local wildlife that is now endangered – “the slender tailflower; the bindoon starbush…” – and we hear the voices of farmers and residents who have watched the land change over decades: the swans are gone, the mushrooms are dying, the gum trees have been felled, the dams are dried out.

Finally we arrive at Seeds of Change, a spectacular light installation, which looks to our future. Featuring thousands of seed lanterns, you will hear from the children who created the lanterns, as well as Elders from the community, who remind us of the role we all play in protecting this land we share.  The multitude of glowing ‘seed’ lanterns represent species adopted by local children as ‘totems’ to protect.  Very worthwhile, a reminder to us of the fragility of life, and the effect that we have on our beautiful environment.

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  1. Elaine

    Absolutely mesmerising …. it was also my birthday on that day !


  2. That’s are really awesome event….would have loved to have been there…

    Liz and Scott
    The Wallaby Run
    Pelican Lagoon
    255 Mitchell Drive.


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