25/1/2017 – A visit to the town of 1770

Seventeen Seventy is a small town in Queensland, built on the site of the second landing by James Cook and the crew of HM Bark Endeavour in May 1770 (Cook’s first landing in Queensland).

View out across the bay.

Provides a quiet spot for  boats to anchor.

While walking on the beach I couldn’t help but notice millions of little crabs swarming over the sand, if you approach too closely they just disappear into the sand and then reappear as you walk away.

The beach was literally alive with these creatures, and you could hear the almost silent shuffling of their tiny legs as they moved quickly along.

Every lap of water had them moving and jostling around.  Hmm, never seen this before. After some research it seems they are soldier crabs.  The light-blue soldier crab, is a species of crab that lives on sandy beaches in Australia; with other members of the genus Myctyris it is “one of the most loved crabs in Australia”.  Adults are 25 mm (1 in) across, white, with blue on their backs, and hold their claws vertically. They feed on detritus in the sand, leaving rounded pellets of discarded sand behind them. The males may form into large “armies” which traverse the beach at low tide, before the crabs dig into the sand to wait for the next low tide.  (Thanks Wikipedia)

Dad sat down  to enjoy the sun as I scurried around avidly taking photos.

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