23/07/2016 – Echidna Trail, Bushwalk

Walyunga National Park covers 1,800 hectares of the Darling Range, tucked behind the Darling Scarp, covering both sides of a steep valley.  Just to the east of the park, in the picturesque Avon Valley, the Avon River joins the Brockman River to form the Swan River which passes through the tree lined valley.

This was an Action Outdoors Association event, “Walking on a generally good path but some steep gradients and gravelly slopes so wear study shoes. Bring refreshments for morning tea and lunch.”


We set off at a good pace, lovely day, good friends and always lots to talk about and share.  Initially we walk through marri and wandoo woodland, seeing good views of the Avon Valley from Woodsome Hill.


Then the track descends steeply down to the Avon River, and to Syd’s Rapids, white water and some kayakers practicing their skills.


This part looks rather daunting.


Anne Marie and Mia couldn’t resist the urge to get some good photographs.


Then we came upon these hanging posts where kayakers practice, sorry I don’t know what they are called, but it all looked very interesting.  Bearing in mind that the Avon Descent is next week, we did expect to see some action.


I doubled back after the walk and watched the kayaks for a while.  Next weekend could be interesting.

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