9/07/2016 – Still going to Monkey Mia


Just along the road from Hamelin Pool is Shell Beach, at the end of the beach is a commercial base where the shell grit is bagged and goes on to be sold.  For some reason, this beach is made up entirely of shells.


Shells everywhere.  Really hot here as the reflection from the shells is very bright.


At Denham we saw a beautiful old yacht.  Then over the peninsula we drive until…


By the time we reach the other side of the Peninsula and Monkey Mia it is almost dark.  A catamaran is returning from a tourist day trip.


The next morning we watch the very famous dolphins of Monkey Mia, I was very interested to note that now they only feed three dolphins and these only get a few fish.  After much research into why dolphins in the area were losing their calves, it was discovered that because dolphin babies feed in a vertical position, and they can’t do that when mum is in the shallows, the babies were getting malnourished and even died due to too much feeding of the dolphins.


Here the three dolphins are brought forward and fed all at the same time, very quickly, although we did have to wait through half an hour of talking before this happened.  Big anti-climax.


Some information on seagrass.

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