7/07/2016 – A Look around Carnarvon


Initially, we drove into town and viewed this waterfront scene.


Then we found our way out to the mile long jetty that we had been hearing about from other travellers.  And yes, we did walk out as far as was possible, and we walked back.  One Mile Jetty in Carnarvon is the longest jetty in the northwest of the state.  You can walk along its 1,493 metre length, and then catch the Coffee Pot train back.


There were plenty of people fishing, but not much evidence of fish being caught.  Apparently, it is a great spot for fishing for Mulloway and Tailor, where you can enjoy fishing in the deep water without the need for a boat!


Above you can see this unusual town with Babbage Island and the jetty.


We climbed an old water tower when we returned back to land, and from here you can see the full jetty.   It was used in the early 1900’s as a deep sea port to transport local produce from the ships into the town. Steam and diesel powered wagons were used to transport the goods.  A nearby building was full of old machinery and transport from bygone eras.


Here is one of the old wrecks!!!  (Sorry Linda, I couldn’t resist).


And here are some more.

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