6/07/2016 – Leaving Exmouth, then Coral Bay


The morning showed with the usual rain and cloud, we had to drop Liz off at the Learmouth Airport and head off to Coral Bay.


Above is the airport, we found out later that all flights were grounded and poor Liz was bused back to Exmouth for the night to try again the next day.


And wow, this is Coral Bay, look at all the sunshine, no wonder I look bewildered, “Duh, what’s happened to the grey sky?”


Yes, people are actually enjoying themselves, the sun is warm, the sea is sparkling, the kids are happy.  But notice the clouds up north, they are still hovering over Cape Range National Park.


The day looks too good to be true, we can’t decide whether to stay here the night or have a quick swim and move on.  So we have a snorkel to give ourselves time to think.

The snorkeling is much the same as at Ningaloo, very disappointing, no coloured coral, the shapes and varieties are good but NO COLOUR.


Still, I am pleased with my underwater camera, it hasn’t missed a beat and although it is murky here due to the water turbulence, the photos have come out OK.


Last one, then it is goodbye to the Coral Coast as we head south in search of a free camp to stay the night in.

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