1/07/2016 – Vlaming Head Lighthouse


First stop was Vlaming Head Lighthouse, located 17km north of the Exmouth townsite. The Lighthouse overlooks Lighthouse Bay and has the distinction of being one of the few places in Australia where you can watch the sun rise and set.


Lots of information at the Lighthouse about early shipwrecks and colonists.


Not the most beautiful of days, you can see the waves breaking over the reef, hopefully it will be more sheltered at our campsite at Osprey Bay.


Hmmm,  a bit further down the coast the wind is really howling past us, and we wonder again how sheltered our campsite will be.


Once we get there we decide to sit in the van for a bit before putting the camper trailer up.  At least we are in a camper van and can have a cup of tea without getting wet.


We used a break in the weather to get the trailer up, then retired once again to the van when another squall hit.


Late afternoon it cleared up somewhat and Linda even had a swim.  The clouds still look fairly angry but I walked up the beach to look for a good fishing spot.


As the tide comes in I can see that the best fishing spot is going to be from these rocks, and fishermen start to line up. We watched someone catch a small shark, much to the delight of nearby children who got so excited they were running in the water with it.  Smallish rays were also swimming past, an enjoyable evening and nice to be out of the vehicle.

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