27/06/2017 – Is it possible?

We got up reasonably early and were packed and ready to go.  We are aiming to visit the Karijini Visitors Centre, have a look around then leave the park and head north.


We saw more amazing scenery on the way.


Onwards to Port Hedland.


HOWEVER, when we got to the Visitor’s Centre, I finally realized that I had left my handbag complete with wallet, cards etc outside the cafe at the camping site.  After a few panicked phone calls, I established that the handbag was still there and they were going to hold it for me.  BUT I would have to drive back and collect it, @#&… only about 80kms.  So we hatched a plan.

We drove a couple of kilometres to Dales Gorge, took the trailer off the van, and I headed back the same way we had just come.  Linda and Liz can have another look at Dales Gorge and use the time wisely.


Here we are just about to remove the trailer in the car park.


Here is Linda enjoying the coolness and peace in the gorge.


And Liz patiently waiting for my return.


Still waiting…… by the time I got back, they had decided that it was not worth going any further that day, so we settled down in Dales Camping Ground for the night.



No worries, we’ll just make the best of it.


Next morning, freezing cold, lots of condensation on the van.


So we practised dot painting on the windows.  Leaving Karijini at last.

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