26/06/2016 – The Campground


Yes, it is a bit barren, but this is now home.

The first morning I saw a dingo slinking across a path when I got up early. I was excited until I realized…


that he could barely even be called ‘wild’.  So used to begging food at the camp sites and having tourists give him lots of attention.


Not really a ‘wild’ dog!!  There were signs up telling people not to feed any wild animals as it gets them into bad habits, and they expect foot from everyone.


These Spinifex Pigeons were also always on the lookout for crumbs and hand outs.  However, they are very flighty and flutter off as soon as they feel they are getting too much attention.


I spent some time trying to get a good photo of them and finally asked sister Chris if she could get some for me, as she passed through this area a few weeks after me.


Again here is our setup, with camper trailer on the left, kitchen in the centre and Campervan on the right.


Another member of our group relaxing.  Shows the general landscape, sparse gum trees and spinifex.

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