23/06/2016 – Joffre Gorge – First Gorge of the Trip


Getting ready for our first walk of the trip and catching up on the news.  Those of the group who are flying in have not arrived yet, we know that we cannot visit Hammersley Gorge where we were to meet up.  The roads have been closed because there has been too much rain – a great start.  Having heard nothing from the flyers, we decided to visit Joffre Gorge because we can walk there easily.


So off we go, following the path from the EcoResort to the Gorge.


Then suddenly, it is as if the ground has opened up before us, there is a crack in the earth showing stunning red rocks all layered beautifully.  And there’s me standing behind Marilyn at the front.


Misty rain is still falling, in fact it continues all day, but that does not deter us.  A few of the more adventurous decide to climb down.  After attempting this and nearly slipping, I decided I would rather enjoy the rest of my holiday than spend it in plaster, and so climbed back up to the top.


There they go, one of the flat rocks was at 45º and very slippery, that is where I stopped.


Amazing rock formations.


The track led around the top of the gorge to a waterfall and back along the other side, much like a horseshoe. Above shows the halfway mark, the waterfall we had to walk across at the top.


Looking down over the waterfall.


Looking at the waterfall from the other end of the ‘horseshoe’.  Now we just have to go all of the way back. Actually it was quite a short walk for us.


The road back to our camp sites.  We found out on our return that the flyers had sent us a message (that we didn’t get) to meet them at Dales Gorge, bad luck, we’ll go there tomorrow.

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One thought on “TRIP TO KARIJINI – PART 11

  1. Great views..looked a bit dangerous going down ..especially in the wet


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