21/06/2016 – “It Never Rains in the Dry Season!!!”

I have finally arrived at Karijini National Park, to meet up with other members of Action Outdoors Association for a five day bushwalking, clambouring over rocks and having fun event.  As one of the first to arrive, I carefully pitched my little tent on the flattest part of my assigned camping spot.  AND IT RAINED IN THE NIGHT.


Oh yeah, I hadn’t noticed that I was also on the lowest part of my camp site. I heard the rain in the night, noticed that water was coming in at the corners of tent, and by morning when I put my hands out to feel the floor – I could feel the water under the tent floor. I dug some channels to drain away most of the water, but am sure looking forward to seeing Linda and Liz with the campervan and trailer.


It was raining and misty, so I spent the day in the cafe waiting for friendly faces.  The above camping site was assigned to one of our members who was not amused, but it was quickly changed when she returned to the front desk looking more than slightly miffed.  “It never rains in the dry season”. We heard this comment many times over the weeks to come.


Linda and Liz arrived in the afternoon, also slightly put out by the weather, but happy to be here after a two day run up from Perth.


I was very glad to seem them and they were keen to set up the campsite while it was not raining.  Stories of roads being cut and/or closed were moving around the cafe and campground, so it was good to cheer the arrival of any member who turned up.  We were expecting the contingent who were flying up to arrive the next morning, and were eager to start our exploring of the Park.  Ingrid had prepared a wonderful itinerary for us, with action every day.


So let’s get this show on the road!  Find the right spot for the camper van, then the camper trailer, then the patio in between, and a spare fly sheet to go over the patio just in case.  Goodbye wet little tent, hello camper trailer.  Cup of tea, bottle of wine, catch up with friends, and watch others arrive and set up in the spitting rain and wind.


Yes, they are getting organised, and stories are exchanged.

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2 thoughts on “TRIP TO KARIJINI – PART 10

  1. Linda

    Fantastic blog. Brings back so many memories. Thanks for doing this Pamela. L x


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