20/06/2016 – Python Pool and Snake Creek


Showing our trip from Exmouth through Millstream Chichester National Park and on to Karijini National Park.


The first stop for the day was Python Pool.   Beautiful rock formations and colours.  A permanent freshwater plunge pool located at the base of a cliff in the Chichester Range escarpment.


All ready for our bushwalk, we are going to venture up the Chichester Range Camel Trail.


The first breather stop, this trail crosses the rugged basalt and sandstone terrain of the Chichester Range.  This trail has caused camel and bullock teams some grief over the years and I can see why.  There are washouts, and the surface is loose and rocky.  But onwards and upwards we go.


Most of the climbing done, with one very miserable tree on the skyline. One can appreciate the work that went into the early construction of this trail, there are retaining walls and stone culverts hinting at the effort required to maintain such a route.


Upon returning from the Camel Trail, we stopped in at Snake Creek which used to be a camping site but is now no longer used.  I am very impressed with these Snappy Gum trees, they seem to be ubiquitous around here, lovely white bark and curly, gnarled branches.

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One thought on “TRIP TO KARIJINI – PART 8

  1. Elaine Henn

    Wow – and off she goes again !!!

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