19/06/2016 – Onwards to Millstream Chichester National Park


But first you must admire my wonderful whale shark thongs.


Now we know we are getting close to mining country, iron ore trains rumbling along the track. This one took about 10 minutes to pass the crossing, it seemed to go on forever.


All those lovely tonnes of iron ore on the way to China!


While I am waiting, here’s a photo of the vehicle I am travelling in. And you can see the beautiful countryside, real iron ore ground.


Lovely to get to Millstream Chichester NP at last, and Deep Reach Pool.  By the way, this is also the National Park that my sister Chris will be spending September at, her and her partner Bruce have volunteered to be camp hosts for this time. Seems like a great idea to do this while travelling, gives you a chance to have a break without spending any money as food and fuel is provided.


Another shot of the pool showing beautiful reflections.  It is easy to imagine that in the past Aboriginals have delighted in this area, water all year round – deep and clear.  The water that feeds the Millstream oasis springs from an aquifer, or underground reserve contained in the porous dolomite rock. The Millstream area is a priority one catchment, and the water level is constantly monitored and pumps can be used to keep the Millstream pool topped up when necessary.


As you can see, the evening is upon us, giving a good chance to show even deeper colours, the red rock against the green of the trees and spinifex, the peaceful water, and the late sun drenched background.


And soon in one direction we see the sun setting gracefully.


We turn to walk away from the cliff top and back to car to find a camp spot, through the spinifex, leaving the darkening sky behind us.


I am sure that the moon was in this picture when I took it, but I can’t see it now.  Still it is a lovely evening photo.   I love that pink sky.

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2 thoughts on “TRIP TO KARIJINI – PART 7

  1. Chris

    We are still here and loving it. By the way, food not provided. $100 voucher when we leave. We do get fuel and gas though.


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