16/06/2016 – Returning to Ned’s Beach after seeing Whalesharks

After a tiring day of snorkeling I was dropped off at the boat ramp to walk back to Ned’s Beach where we were camping for a few days.


I stopped to take a photo of a Lamb’s Ear flower, these are the plants with soft, furry leaves that attract children to them.


On arriving at Ned’s Beach I can see that there is a good chance of a great sunset, so I go down to the water’s edge to wait and see.


And there it is, that was worth waiting for, magical and still the turtles go past, their heads bobbing up for breath every now and then.


The next day I went out paddle boarding for the morning, I took my camera with me, but it looked like this all the way, nothing too exciting, and the turtles that I did spot didn’t hang around to have their photos taken.  The water is so clear and unspoilt, as are the beaches.


In the afternoon a walk, and more of the same, I feel like I could walk forever.


Around the next corner, fancy that, more. This is the Cape Range National Park, and it goes on right down to and past Yardie Creek Crossing.

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2 thoughts on “TRIP TO KARIJINI – PART 6

  1. LinZ NASH

    Very pretty. Maybe I shouldn’t tell you where I am. Hehe. Xxx

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