15/6/2016 – Driving to Ned’s Beach

We were off early the next morning, back the way we had come, back to the main road, and


we were lucky enough to see an Australian Bustard, and he posed beautifully for me.


A common sight was the enormous ant hills that have been built by the industrious insects.


Later that day we arrived at Ned’s Beach in Cape Range National Park.  I hurried down to the beach to inspect the territory, no whales in sight.  Tomorrow is my day to go on a Whale Shark tour which I am so looking forward to.


Another look at the beach later on to check out the sunset is rewarded with this peaceful view and as I stand and take it all in, I can see the occasional turtle head popping up out of the water for a gulp of air – magical.

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4 thoughts on “TRIP TO KARIJINI – PART 2

  1. Linda

    Lovely photos – maybe you could make a book one day of these blogs.


  2. Jeff

    Wow, looks lite a fantastic trip! Envious…


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