12/6/2016 – Driving to Yardie Creek crossing

Yes, I am going on a five week adventure up to North West Australia, to visit Karajini National Park and to swim with the whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef.  I am travelling up in a 4WD with cycling buddy Bruce and returning in a VW camper van with good friends Linda and Liz.


First night out of Perth we camped at Coronation Bay, just north of Geraldton, the weather is dull and the ground incredibly hard.    BentPeg

This is what happened to my tent pegs when trying to bash them into the ground – flat at both ends. Bruce is sleeping in his 4WD so he has none of these problems.


The next day we head for Quobba Blow Holes, a beautiful spot with a small campground.  Foaming seas and jagged rocks.


One of the blow holes with some baby ones down to the left of the picture.


I was very taken with the baby ones, very cute.


The next day we make a quick detour in to Coral Bay, Bruce has been here before and I am coming back this way with Linda and Liz.  This place looks great for snorkeling, and look at that clear water.


Onward and into Ningaloo National Park from the south side, this way is much less traveled as the Yardie Creek crossing is notoriously fickle, and many a vehicle has been stuck there.  We are really just going to have a look and then back up the main road to the north side of the Park.


Sunset is coming up and the kangaroos are jumping around looking for food.


Yardie Creek crossing, tour boats that take tourist up river through the gorge, we can see that no one has crossed the creek today.


There are tracks over the other side of the creek but these are just from boats being put in the water.


Sunset at Yardie Creek, I think the gap is where vehicles would attempt to cross, but sometimes it gets carved very deep and the water can flow very quickly.  We’ll just go to the campground 1km south of here and venture north on a safer route tomorrow.

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