1/05/2016 – Tree Adventure Ropes Course

Onwards and upwards, so they say.


We are all out there trying different courses, getting more and more tired, but feeling good.


Someone is in trouble here, and that one was a doozy.  Nothing at the bottom of the poles to stabilize them, so they just sort of swayed with your own body movement.


Here is Julie totally showing off. (She did tell me later that she picked out her pose for this photo).


I call this – the circle ropey thing, you have to climb up the rope tunnel, not too hard except that you are locked on to a wire at the same time, and have to work out how to keep moving and not strangle yourself.


Yeah, sort of like this.  Change your locks, move a bit, change your locks again.


Nice, this one is two wires, and THAT’S ALL.


And ziplining, my favourite, but it all gets harder as you get more tired.


This is where I really lost it.  A swingy ropey, different level log thing, my legs went backwards and my top half went forwards and there I stayed, too tired to move.  By this time, some others had finished so I also had an audience, and there is a video available – thanks Julie – shown at the next AOA meeting – also thanks Julie.  I did eventually manage to creep my way to the end platform and complete the Black course – now only the Extra Black one to conquer.


Let’s all go home and have a cuppa tea.  (I’m a lumberjack)

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2 thoughts on “IN THE TREES PART 2

  1. Elaine Henn

    This looks like amazing fun -no wonder you got tired !


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