20/4/2016 – Fishing off Mewstone Rocks, out of Perth

Another beautiful day in Perth, so we are off to try and catch some fish.  We saw a group of boats all fishing near Mewstone Rocks, so we headed out there to see what was going on.


We have seen other boats nearby catching ocean salmon, so I am really keen to get one.


OMG, Marcel has managed to catch one!!!  Typical.


And look at this, so happy, and I am taking no chances with letting him jump back over the side. This one is going in the tank.


There he goes, just had to make sure he is happy, but did I tell you…..


Oh yeah, I am so happy with finally catching a decent sized fish.  Wow, salmon for tea.


Lucky someone knows how to fillet them. Now that’s a job I have managed not to learn – how much longer I will be able to keep that up – we will see.  Thanks Marcel for a great day, and a big fish!!!

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2 thoughts on “GONE FISHING

  1. We are amazed….haven’t seen salmon of that size for years and years!
    Send some our way!

    From the Wandering Wallies….
    Intermittent internet connection on the road.



    • Hey guys, great to hear from you. Where the hell are you? Hope to hear some news soon. I am off to Karajini in a few weeks, so looking forward to it.


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