5/03/2016 – Is it a year already?

It is hard to believe that it is a year since I joined my friends in AOA on the Rottnest Island long weekend.  Always a favourite, it’s easy to see why, when the weather is perfect, beaches are pristine and one can relax, drink wine, read a book or simply go and have a game of tennis.


After a lazy first day, a group of us girls decide to go on a ‘small group’ ride of our own where we can stop to take photographs at will and not have to worry about keeping up with a larger group.  Here we have Bernie, Julie, Me, Joy and Christine.


We stopped at every opportunity, this is a king skink, he was sunning himself just by the guard rail when we stopped to take photos.


A sea osprey’s nest, what a great spot, not much likelihood of predators getting those chicks.


Here is mum or dad osprey, looking out for their young.



I did try to get an enlargement of the bird, but I do not take large enough photos to produce a good close up.

Below is Joy, using her big lens.  Much better equipped than me, Joy has been to the antarctic with her camera paraphernalia and certainly knows how to take a great photo.

I’ll have to see if she got any better shots than me for this blog.  This is the lady who took the great tennis shots at Rottnest that I posted last year.


Now moving around the far west of the island and on to the area where seals abound.


What can I say, WA is too stunning  for words.


Looking the other way, yet another glorious view.


This is what we were looking for, the seals are out at play and it seems as if they are putting on a performance especially for us. I can’t stop taking photos.


They look so happy and carefree, splashing around in the water. Some are lazing, some are swimming around vigourously, and others are having a go at synchronized swimming.  We watched for ages.


At the seal watching platform.  Happy and tired, well I look tired, not sure about the others.


A few more rocks to photo.


And a beautiful bay for mooring boats.  We returned back to our ‘barracks’ tired but very content with our day’s travels.

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2 thoughts on “GREAT ROTTNEST ESCAPE 2016 – PART 1

  1. Rotto looks great…as usual….what it really needs is an International Greg Norman golf course to make it perfect…and we have one about to be started on our very doorstep…so praps we could export it to you… S

    Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 07:54:43 +0000 To:


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