30/12/2015 – Sharna’s Grand Triathlon – AOA Christmas/New Year Camp Part 4


Nothing Sharna likes better than organizing events, the more strenuous the better.  Here she is giving us all the low down. There was to be a swim, a cycle, a walk and a novelty event. Three people to each team. Notice Ruby with her tube ready for the novelty part. I am just behind her keenly absorbing Sharna’s every word.


Here is the fine selection of amazing swimmers who are going to attempt the entire first three events single handed. Hats off to them, keen and ready to go.


Spectators are gathering at Fonty’s Pool, the event of the century is about to get started.


My turn to star, I am the swimmer in my team, you can see just how keen we are, raring to go.


Unfortunately, there were so many feet splashing in my face that I lost my sense of direction and got lost, you can see however that I am still doing my best, swimming in the face of total humiliation and despair.


The embarrassment of it all, last one in. I hope my team are going to do a better job on the walk and the cycle.  I also hope they are forgiving.  See Ken on the left with his helmet on, ready to tag me and hop on his bike.  Ruby is going to do the walk, then all three of us have to complete the novelty event.


Note the excitement mounting on the spectator stand.


The novelty event, Ruby (a non swimmer) is to be pushed around the pool by us and we have to touch the edge of the pool at several places.  How teams accomplish this is up to them, as she couldn’t swim (very brave of her I think) we plonked her in the tube and took her around.


Yes, we have finished.  Ruby is gripping hold of the side for dear life.  I noticed and told her that the water was only waist deep where we were.


“Wow, that’s a relief, and now I feel a bit silly”


Friends for life after enduring such a physical test of stamina.  Thanks to Ken and Ruby we came in 5th out of nine, not bad after such a terrible start, below is the proof.  And many thanks to Sharna, Event Coordinator Extraordinaire.


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  1. Linda

    Love this set of photos and your honest comments. Thanks. Linda


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