27/12/2015 –  Action Outdoors Association Christmas/New Year Camp Part 2

The next day saw us up bright and early, ready to go on a cycle ride to Pemberton, in my eagerness for a ride, I neglected to take note of the information given – hot weather, gravel road, 25 kms there and 25 back.  It seemed like an easy ride but…..

This was meant to be easy.

This was meant to be easy.

the heat got to us (those of us that don’t cycle regularly enough that is).  So there were three of us plus the tail end Charlie, who was bringing up the rear and stayed with us to the end. Thanks John.

Roxanne got cramp, here she is having a leg massage!

Marcel was unimpressed with the conditions, the hills weren’t steep, but on a gravel road and in the heat it was a long 25kms.

It looks like such a nice road, shady, flat, tarmac, what could be nicer?

“This is the worse day of my life” was the quote.  Cheer up, it will end soon.  (and it might have been a slight exaggeration).   By the way, we managed to get a lift back, so we only went 25kms, why did it seem twice that distance???

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