24/11/2015 – A Trip on a Boat

Mal (Rose’s husband) had recently bought a new boat and was anxious to try it out, so we set off to the banks of the Burnett River to launch the boat and try our hand with the fishing rods.


Just checking that everything is in place and secure.  Note the beautiful round hole in the bridge structure, I wish I had noticed it at the time, I could have used it to make an awesome photo I reckon.


And off we go, down river towards the heads.  It was a beautiful day.


Ah how the rich and famous live, stunning house with an equally stunning yacht moored at river’s edge.


Others are also enjoying the water, sailing with gay abandon.


Far from the madding crowds.  Very close to the Burnett Heads we stop for a picnic. No one else in sight, just us and the beach.  I made the formidable mistake of walking over the sand to explore behind us, realized too late that the sand was REALLY HOT and my feet were burning, so had to run back with sore feet to the water to recover.


A trawler came by us while we were eating lunch.


Rather wind blown, but had a fantastic day, it would have been even better if I could have actually caught some fish.  Just as well that I like sitting by the water.

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