1/10/2015 – A Visit to Garden Island

Garden Island is a slender island about 10 kms long and 1.5 kms wide, lying about 5 kms off the Western Australian coast, to which it is now linked by a man-made causeway.   The Royal Australian Navy’s largest fleet base, Fleet Base West, are on the shores of Careening Bay, on the southeastern section of Garden Island, facing Cockburn Sound.  Garden Island is home to a Tammar Wallaby population.


We left Fremantle late afternoon and arrived at Garden Island in time to watch the sun go down.


I was lucky enough to wake in the night and view this beautiful moonscape!


There are three Public Picnic Areas with BBQ’s and toilet facilities located at Herring Bay, Pig Trough Bay and Buchanan Bay. The site of Captain Stirling’s first settlement at Cliff Head can also be visited to view the original well and memorial lookout.  Next day we tried our luck at fishing.  But no luck here, so we moved on.


Look out for the rocks on the way to Carnac Island.  The island is home to Australian sea lions, bottlenose dolphins and a large range of marine bird life.


Here are the sea lions having a meeting.  Boats have to keep their distance, but it is great to see some wildlife without hoards of tourists gasping close by.  The island is particularly noted for the abundance of snakes, particularly tiger snakes, which live there. For this reason, very few people venture there. There is no permanent fresh water, providing a challenge for the animals that live there.


I really wanted to get a close up of the seal lions so I was very happy when one came up to the boat and started playing with a piece of fish that we threw in the water.


Here you can just make out a sting ray that also took an interest in the boat.


And lastly the friendly seal kindly stuck its head out of the water and allowed me to get a great photo of it.

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