25/09/2015 – AOA Camp at Dwellingup

A long weekend that is an easy drive from Perth in the middle of the jarrah forrest. Lots of opportunities for walking, cycling and even a bit of paddling.

We were camping in logger’s cabins in the forest.  A great campsite for us as there was one communal kitchen and dining room so we were able to catch up with each other easily, unlike other camps where some were in tents and others in cabins.


The next day I and some others set out on the King Jarrah Walk Trail.


Having a break along the way, we found a comfy tree just in the right spot.


Making the most of the shade.


After much discussion and research it appears that this plant is a Macrozamia, most likely M.fraseri or M.Riedlei.

Of the 25 species of Macrozamia,  most occur on the east coast.  There are only three occurring in Western Australia: M. dyeri (southern coast of WA), M. fraseri (south-western WA, sandy soils of Swan Coastal Plain and Geraldton sandplains), and M. riedlei (commonly known as ‘zamia palm’, south-western WA, on lateritic soils in jarrah forests).  Seeds of Macrozamia were eaten by Aborigines,  but they have to be specially prepared and cooked to leach out poisons – the ‘nuts’ – equivalent of pine ‘nuts’ botanically, are poisonous if eaten raw.


Great place for a lunch break.


And we walked all 18kms of the trail.


Here’s the King Jarrah Tree.


On Monday on the way home, some of us stopped off at the Marrinup mountain bike trail.  So I had a go on my first mountain bike trail – with my touring bike.  We all had a great time, it was a great trail, very enjoyable.  Must do more of this.  But would like to get a mountain bike, it would hold the track better.   And I need to organise a photographer, so we get some photos.

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