19/07/2015 – Phillip goes on an AOA Bush Walk

Tom has gone back to Adelaide to participate in an Adelaide Uni rowing camp, so Phillip and I decide to go on an organised Action Outdoors Association bush walk.  Called Bungendore Breezes – A walk in the hills close to Perth, starting with a steep climb but then getting easier.  In Bungendore Park, just south east of Armadale.

We found the meeting point fairly easily, seeing the only kangaroos of the day in suburban gardens.


Well, they were correct about the steep climb, the only consolation being that we knew it would get easier once we reached the top.


And there was a spot of rain, but nothing too frightening luckily.


Some interesting ‘wood art’ along the way.  This is the roots of a fallen tree.


Here’s Phillip striding manfully on.  Everyone is going strong.


Views along the way.  Not a lot of sun, but it is a good temperature for walking.


Finally, the lunch stop, that’s what we have been waiting for.  A chance to sit down and munch, and rest.


Ingrid striding on through the bush.  A lovely day out for Phillip’s introduction to bush walking, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and is looking forward to doing more in the future. (Kokoda Trail here we come!)

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