15/07/2015 – Paddle Boarding

On yet another bright, sunny, beautiful afternoon my paddle boarding promise to the boys came into fruition.


Tom and Phillip pumped the paddle board up a lot faster than it takes me to use the car pump.  It was up and full in no time flat.  In this time Marcel found us at Point Walter, he brought his paddle board with him, so the kids could have one each for their first attempt.


Phillip chose to sit and use the kayak paddle, a good choice but you always get a wet bum this way.  Tom decided to give standing up a go (standing up is a lot easier on my wide board, which is designed for all round use, so it’s good for beginners).  Marcel’s board is much narrower and longer, designed more for speed.


And look, he is standing up and posing.

Tom Again

Tom and Phillip went off down river for a paddle, when they came back they had switched boards and Tom was very wet.  But he has managed to stand on the long board.


My attention got sidetracked by the water birds and…


and sea eagle that was perched on a nearby tree.


Here’s Phillip coming in for a close up.  He’s only wet because Tom decided he should be.

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