12/07/2015 – We all get to go fishing

I had arranged with Marcel for the boys to go fishing one day during their stay, so along with Andrew (Linda’s son) off we trotted one beautiful sunny morning, onto the river and out into the ocean.


3 excited lads looking forward to catching some fish.


We caught a good lot of squid and herring (tommies) essentially to use as bait.


Then we had a go at catching “the big ones”.  We cast out, waited, reeled the line in, checked the bait, cast out again, and then…


A small shark and a very happy Andrew.  This was the catch of the day.  There were no more ‘big ones’.  However, we were happy to go home with a dozen good sized squid and over a dozen herring.


Then, of course, someone had to clean the catch.  Luckily there were plenty of offers and we got stuck in the next morning, with plenty of water, newspaper and knives.


This is how you turn the squid body inside out.


Much fun was had by all, and we salvaged three good meals out of this lot.  Plus everyone knows how to clean squid now.

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